When you want to sell gift cards in Nigeria, Cardtonic is one of the most recommended platforms that pops up your screen. However, another platform you might see or hear about is Afrbtc. On this page, I am going to give you some sweet reasons why Cardtonic is your best best bet and Afrbtc is not even an option at all when comparison sets in. First off, let's do a quick overview about both platforms. About Cardtonic Cardtonic, is a trading platform duly registered under Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commision with the name ``Cardtonic Trading Services`` and RC Number 2654401, you can verify here. On Cardtonic, you can sell iTunes Gift Card, sell Amazon Gift Card, Steam Wallet, Googleplay, Walmart e.t.c We take pride in giving customers the best of gift card rates and at the same time never limit their choices to the norm. We are the number one itunes gift card buyer in Nigeria and beyond.

About Afrbtc

Afrbtc is a Chinese setup up by a team called big player team. They buy itunes gift card with face value only and pay in naira.

Features Of Cardtonic


    Ask around for experience reports of past traders about Cardtonic, your cards and cash are secured.

    Check their payment proofs, they have no reason to hold your cash for more than 10minutes.

    No hold up, no go-slow. All trades done at speed of light without any compromise.

The process of trading itunes card (and other gift cards) on Cardtonic is painless and straightforward. Simply send a message on WhatsApp at +2347060502770, send an unused card and get paid within 5 minutes.

Why Cardtonic Is Better Than Afrbtc

  1. Cardtonic Offers Better Gift Card Rates: For instance, you can sell $100 itunes gift card for as high as 24,000 naira on cardtonic. But on Afrbtc, it is 21,000 naira.
  2. Cardtonic Pays Faster: You get paid within 5 minutes when you trade on Cardtonic. On Afrbtc, you get to join a long queue as you await payment.
  3. Cardtonic Is More Trusted: Card is a registered Nigerian business. You can decide to do a video call with the agent. Unlike Afrbtc that has no business registration, no man-to-man interaction, and it's a Chinese platform that can decide to disappear at any time.
  4. Cardtonic Is More Recommended: Cardtonic has featured on top Nigerian platforms like Naij (Legit.ng), Punch Newspapers, Pulse.ng, and Vanguard Newspapers. Afrbtc has no recognition from any top platform.
  5. Cardtonic Is More Flexible: When it comes to buying gift cards, Cardtonic offers the most. You can sell any gift card Cardtonic, any denomination, faceless and with face value, physical cards and ecodes, with or without receipt. However, on afrbtc, you can only sell itunes with face value and Amazon with cash receipt.
  6. Trading Is Faster On Cardtonic: You always have to join a long trading queue on Afrbtc, meanwhile, on Cardtonic, all trades take 5 minutes or less.

How To Sell Gift Cards On Cardtonic

Below is the stress-free process on how to convert your iTunes gift card to cash in Nigeria, on Cardtonic :

1. Download the mobile application. Click here to download for Android or Click here to download for iPhone

You can also register on our website to get started.

2. Log in and get familiar with the three-step gift card trading process that takes only a few minutes to complete.

Got questions? You can check our FAQ page.

Contact support [at] cardtonic.com.

Call/Whatsapp 07060502770.

We believe you are satisfied.

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