Pay bills like a boss

With Cardtonic, you can now manage and pay all your essential bills in one place. Be it airtime, data, internet, TV, electricity and much more.


Available Bill Categories

With Cardtonic, you can organise and pay all your essential bills in one place. Find the available categories below.

Mobile Data



Bet Funding

Available Providers

All your favourite providers are available on Cardtonic so you don’t have to worry about switching.


Why pay your bills with Cardtonic?

Managing your bills has never been this simple and secure. With Cardtonic, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Consolidated Payments

Wave goodbye to paying bills on multiple apps; Cardtonic offers a consolidated system to sort out all your bills.

Prompt Reminders

Never miss a payment on Cardtonic. You will always receive reminders and push notifications about upcoming payments and subscriptions.

Flexible Payment Options

You can transfer from your local bank account, pay from your wallet and even fund your account with gift cards.

Automated Recurring Payments

Set a recurring payment date, and your account will automatically be debited for that particular bill as scheduled.

How to pay your bills with Cardtonic (Video Guide)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to pay bills through Cardtonic?

Yes, it’s safe. At Cardtonic, we take major precautions to keep your personal info and transactions locked down tight when paying bills. You can feel totally secure using our system.

What bills can I pay on Cardtonic?

You can pay several bills on Cardtonic, including but not limited to: airtime, data, electricity, internet, TV, cable, and many more. We're constantly adding new billers to make paying bills even more convenient.

How do I pay bills using Cardtonic?

Simply log into your Cardtonic account, click the bills payment section, select the bill you want to pay, enter your details, and confirm your payment. It’s that simple!

Can I schedule recurring bill payments?

Yes! You can set up recurring payments on Cardtonic for all your bills and kiss late fees goodbye. We promise to have your back regarding hassle-free bill payments, and that’s exactly what we do.

How do I track my bill payments?

It's simple - open your Cardtonic app to view your transaction history and download receipts. Keep tabs on pending and past bill payments all in one spot.

Can I pay bills for others on Cardtonic?

Yes! You can use your Cardtonic account to pay bills for friends or family and lend them a hand. One less thing for them to stress about.

Is Cardtonic's bill pay available 24/7?

Yes. Our bill payment feature can be accessed anytime, 24/7. Pay bills on weekends, in the middle of the night - whenever it suits your schedule.

What are the different payment options on Cardtonic for paying bills?

You can pay bills by transferring from your local bank account or funding your account with gift cards.

Can I buy electricity online?

Yes, you can pay electricity bills online, and Cardtonic is the best platform to do so conveniently.