How To Trade iTunes Card

Do you have an iTunes card available for sale? Getting all the cards you want is not as difficult as getting a card traded for another or for cash. It’s more or less a gold. And when you’re yet to know all the hacks around selling a gift card online, card predators (scammers) will never cease pouncing on your hard earned card. So, the question here is, how to convert iTunes card to Naira. Well, this article will answer that within its limited words so you don’t have to wrap your head around every lengthy incomprehensible article you find online before you get a hang of how to sell iTunes gift card in Naira. Get yourself equipped below.

How To Exchange iTunes Card For Naira -Trade Rightly And Avoid Middle Men

Here are a few things you should avoid to trade iTunes card on the internet easy and fast.

  • Don’t trust easily: yes, you read that right. Most card heartbreaks come when you trust a scammer who claimed to give you an offer that sound too good to be true. We advice you read these great gift card scam tips to avoid being one of the card victims scammed online.


  • Avoid Middle Men: if you will ever be helping yourself in the card trading market, avoid the middlemen. Whether it’s a friend or a family member, avoid exposing your card PIN to them and avoid trading with anybody with sugary offers.


  • Not Every Platform Is Legit: gift cards are precious for the value they bear. But you shouldn’t just jump on every online platform without confirming from reliable sources. The most reliable way to confirm the legitimacy of a trading platform or an offline gift card store is by checking on reputable national newspapers. Take a look at what The punch newspaper says about Cardtonic and also what Vanguard says of us here.


  • Read Reviews: I don’t mean the reviews on a platform’s homepage. Because most gift cards trading platforms pay people up for fake positive reviews.

Now, who should you trade with to skip through the hurdles? Cardtonic! See why below.  

How To Sell iTunes Card - Why Trade With Cardtonic?

Below is the stress-free process on how to convert your Amazon gift card to cash in Nigeria, on Cardtonic:

  1. Download the mobile application or register on the website to kick-start trading gift cards. 
  2. Log in and get familiar with the three-step gift card trading process that takes only a few minutes to complete.

Got Amazon gift cards to convert into cash or bitcoin? You can download the android app on play store. Oh! You use an iPhone? You’re covered anyway. Get the app on AppStore. Not a lover of apps? You can trade on the website. 

Got questions begging for answers? Check out the FAQ page.

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Or scrap all that and just chat the live chat on the site. With the belief that you are satisfied, shall we proceed?