How To Check My Gift Card Balance

Also How To Check If Your Gift Card Is Used Or Not

Most gift cards allow you to check the balance without redeeming them whether directly or indirectly. There are some that do not directly allow, but you can also check using unconventional techniques.

Note that some of them require that you register before you can check.

Here are some links below:

1. eBay Gift Card - Check Balance

2. Nordstrom Gift Card - Check Balance

3. Walmart Gift Card - Check Balance (NOTE: If you check with any IP asides USA IP, it can render the gift card useless. Only use USA IP to check or the card will be blocked. It is NOT advisable to use a VPN, it can also get it blocked. Generally do not check this card using this method at all if you are not in the USA.)

An alternative (safer) method to check your Walmart gift card balance is by calling 1-888-537-5503. A machine will respond and tell you your gift card balance.

4. Apple Store Gift Card - Check Balance

5. Sephora  Gift Card- Check Balance (Nigerian IP won’t work. You need to use VPN.)

6. Google Play Gift Card - Go to play store, click on redeem. If the card is good, it’ll show you the balance and ask for confirmation to proceed, you can then cancel it. If you proceed here then the card will be redeemed to your account, be careful. If the card is already used it’ll give the “already redeemed” error. 

7. Steam Wallet Gift Card - Check Balance (If the card is good, it’ll proceed to checkout, you can then cancel. If you proceed here then the card will be redeemed to your account, be careful. If the card is used, it will display the “already redeemed” error.)

8. Target Gift Card - Check Balance

9. Nike Gift Card - Check Balance

10. Best Buy Gift Card - Check Balance

11. American Express - Check Balance (You need to use USA IP)

Unfortunately, the balance of gift cards like iTunes, Amazon e.t.c cannot be checked unless you want to redeem them intentionally.