Bitcoin Trade Terms And Conditions (MUST READ)

By generating a bitcoin wallet address on CARDTONIC, you have unconditionally agreed to and accepted the terms and conditions stated hereunder:

1. You understand that the bitcoin address is only meant to receive bitcoins you have the intention of selling to Cardtonic for naira. You cannot store bitcoins on your wallet

2. You perfectly understand that refund of Bitcoins is impossible for whatever reason. 

3. You understand that rates are dynamic (changes often) according to market fluctuation and are not subject to negotiation at any point in time.

Since conversion is automatic, manual influence is not permitted. Whatever bitcoins you send to your address will be converted at the present rate. You also accept that you will check rates always and be aware before sending bitcoins to your wallet and any liability incurred from not checking cannot be corrected. 

4. You understand that due to bitcoin fluctuations, the USD value received to your wallet may be different from what is sent. The value may be higher or lower than what was originally sent. You understand that this is solely due to bitcoin fluctuations. 

You also understand that some bitcoin ATMs deduct very high fees from transactions. Cardtonic will only credit you for the exact amount received.

5. You understand that Cardtonic does not charge any fee for the use of your wallet address, it is totally free. We have only provided these addresses to ease the sale of bitcoins by CARDTONIC users.

This page will be updated from time to time. 

Last Updated: September 2020.