So, How Do I Sell My Bitcoins On Cardtonic

To start with, ensure that you are logged in on the website or the mobile app.

1. First, you need to generate a bitcoin wallet address. See how to generate bitcoin address on Cardtonic.

2. This address becomes yours permanently and any bitcoins you sent to it will be AUTOMATICALLY converted to naira and added to your balance which will be immediately available for withdrawal.

3. Rates are displayed on the bitcoin trade page and there are different rates for various amounts of bitcoins received to your wallet. 

4. The naira value is added to your balance after 3 confirmations. See Why You Have To Wait For 3 Confirmations.

5. You generally don’t need to do anything. Just send bitcoins to your address and wait for it to automatically confirm on the bitcoin network. See How Long Does Bitcoin Trade Take.

You can also Click Here To Watch The Explainer Video.