How To Start Gift Card Trading Business In Nigeria 

Buying and selling gift card in Nigeria has become a popular business and most people are now going into it to make a living on their own without looking for employment opportunities.

The business of gift card, is related to crypto-currency business and has become a popular business in Nigeria and beyond over the past years.

But some people find it difficult wrapping their heads around how to go about the gift card business which is what this post is about. I'm about to teach you in simple words how you can become a gift card buyer in Nigeria.  

What Does The Business Entail?

The gift card business is all about brokering gift card for profit. You find someone who has an unwanted and unused gift card, you find someone you needs an unused gift card. You buy from the seller and sell to the buyer. If the buyer buys at 80%, you can buy frm the seller at 70% and keep 10% as profit.  

What Is Gift Card

A gift card is a prepaid stored-value money card usually issued by a store or business to be used instead of cash when making purchases in that particular store.  

Where To Buy Gift Cards And Get Customers

This is the most tedious part because you need to buy gift cards from consumers before you can sell for profit. There are a couple of ways you can get customers, some of them are listed below:

1. Tell family and friends about your new business

2. Follow gift card hashtags on social media

3. Print posters and share within the community

4. Advertise on media

5. Setup a website

You can also check where to buy gift card in Nigeria.

Where To Sell Gift Cards

So now that you have customers that want to sell gift cards, you should also look for a place to sell gift card at good rates for cash.

A recommended platform where you can sell gift card is We buy any gift card at good rates. For instance, if we buy $100 itunes at 26,000 naira, you can buy it from your customers at 23,000 naira. Which means you make a profit of 3,000 naira on every $100. Great right?

How To Sell Gift Cards On

Below is the stress-free process on how to convert your Amazon gift card to cash in Nigeria, on Cardtonic:

  1. Download the mobile application or register on the website to kick-start trading gift cards. 
  2. Log in and get familiar with the three-step gift card trading process that takes only a few minutes to complete.

Got Amazon gift cards to convert into cash or bitcoin? You can download the android app on play store. Oh! You use an iPhone? You’re covered anyway. Get the app on AppStore. Not a lover of apps? You can trade on the website. 

Got questions begging for answers? Check out the FAQ page.

Contact support [at] 

Call/Whatsapp 07060502770. 

Or scrap all that and just chat the live chat on the site. With the belief that you are satisfied, shall we proceed?

Why Trust Cardtonic?

There are a lot of gift card scammers in Nigeria, so you have to be careful when dealing online. There are a lot of reasons why you can trust Cardtonic.

1. We are duly registered under Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission with the name ``Cardtonic Trading Services`` and RC Number 2654401.

2. We have featured and recommended by Naij, Punch, Vanguard,, Pulse and lots more.

What else do you need to get started with gift card trading business in Nigeria? That's all.