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5 Essential Gift Cards For The “EMBER” months 

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The fall season is upon us, just like any other season, there’s going to be a lifestyle change. And people would need to accommodate and adjust to the current time. 

Gift cards are a way of life. Asides from being an easy alternative to cash, they give a personalized feeling when making a payment at your favorite brand. These digital assets simplify payments and make life more convenient in general. However, because there are not free, opportunity cost has to be factored in when deciding the ones to buy. This is why I would be highlighting the top 5 gift cards that would beneficial to you, especially in the ember months.

Another good thing about them is their flexibility. In case an instance arises when you might need money, you can always sell your gift cards for cash on Cardtonic. 

What Are The Top 5 Gift Cards for the “EMBER” Months? 

The below-mentioned gift cards were selected to cut across various individuals. Regardless of gender, taste, and habits. However, it is still subjective as purchases are made based on personal preference.

Here Goes

1. Amazon Gift Cards:  You can get practically almost anything on Amazon. Be it Foodstuff, toiletries, gadgets, interior decor, etc. An amazon gift card would make shopping for you easier during this period.

2. Google Play Gift Cards: Now more than ever, there is a need to take your seriousness and focus up a notch. Some of us had new year resolutions which we are yet to conquer. Now is the time to apply extra effort to them. The Google play store is a hub where all types of informative, and productivity apps can be bought and downloaded. 

3. AMEX Gift Cards: These gift cards have been said to be like money. You can redeem them anywhere AMEX is accepted as a means of payment. They practically serve as ATM cards. Which makes them very resourceful.

Almost There, Keep Going 

4. Steam Gift Cards: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It is very essential to relax and refresh your mind. The steam gift card is the perfect gateway to accomplish this. 

5. Itunes Gift Cards: Never miss out on any drop with this digital asset. The iTunes gift card has got you covered with books, music, movies, podcasts, etc. With this, your entertainment is secured. 

To make life easier, and get things done quicker, it is always a smart decision to have gift cards. You would also get the best gift card rates on Cardtonic if you should choose to let go of these digital assets at any point in time.


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