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Apple & iTunes Gift Card Category Explanation

You may, or may not have noticed on our platform that the Apple and iTunes gift card categories are now separate, as opposed to what it was. This was done to provide further clarity on the platform and simplify your trading and user experience.


Apple, as a company, made quite a change last year. Previously, iTunes was used to make purchases on iTunes Store on your phone, and Apple was used to make purchases of apple items from the store. But then, they merged both, so you can now both interchangeably, they called is APPLE UNIVERSAL GIFT CARD.

This did come with some confusion, because, some knew iTunes, some knew Apple, but since it’s now together, it’s more difficult for users to know which is which.


On Cardtonic, both Apple and iTunes now have the same subcategories with the same rateS, so you can trade your Apple GIFT CARD as Apple or iTunes… whichever you are familiar with E.G If you’d like to trade a $100 Apple gift card, it can be uploaded under USA iTunes Physical (100) or USA Apple Store Physical (100), both subcategories have the same rate.

Easier right? Now, we have fewer errors concerning trades being submitted in the wrong category due to APPLE – ITUNES confusion.

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