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Are Target Gift Cards Useful in Nigeria?

It may be a little unconventional to the average Nigerian, but the target gift card can be of use even to people here in the country. 

I do not expect you to just take my word for it, I know I have a bit more to do in terms of convincing you, and I am up for the challenge. 

I am going to start simple, then ease you into it. Target is an American corporation that is in partnership with various brands and sells a wide variety of its products. Such as; Home decor, food items, electronics, etc. Their gift cards were created to serve as an alternative means of payment, which can be used to buy all items at Target. 

These gift cards come in two major forms. Which are physical and E-code.  

1. Physical Target Gift Card 

The physical Target gift card is usually red or white, and it feels like plastic. Just like a regular debit or credit card. 

 2. E-code

The E-code on the other hand, like the name implies, comes in a digital format. They can be purchased online, and it would be sent to your email.

The next question on your mind would probably be “How can this be useful to a Nigerian in the country?” I would break it down into two parts. After reading them, I am sure you would later realize how this digital asset can be of use to you. 

How Is The Target Gift Card Useful To Me In Nigeria? 

For the sake of inclusivity, and because people vary, I have decided to give you two points of view on this question. Which are; 

  1. If you are the one giving the card out
  2. The one receiving it.

Giving Out The Card

Although Target does not ship to Nigeria, they ship to over 50 cities and various countries asides from the United States. Some of these countries include; Mexico, Australia, China, Canada, etc. You can use your international debit and credit cards from Nigeria to purchase these gift cards from stores like Walgreens or Amazon, for a loved one abroad and ship them to their address. 

It is almost impossible in this day and time, that you would not have a friend or family in a city or country Target ships to, especially in this age of “Japa”. 

Receiving The Gift Card

If you already own this digital asset and have been thinking of how to make use of it, or you have one coming in and you are not so sure of what to do with it, you are in luck. That Target gift card can be resold for Naira in a matter of minutes.

How Can I Resell My Target Gift Card For Naira?

For this to work, you need an efficient gift card trading platform, and there is none better than Cardtonic in the country. 

This is a modern-day gift card exchange platform that helps individuals get the Naira equivalent of all their unwanted gift cards in a matter of minutes.

All you need to do is;

  1. Download The Application
  2. Register on The Platform 
  3. Start Trading 
  4. Withdraw 
  5. And Repeat. 

Now I am certain that not only do you believe me, but you have also found a way this gift card can be of use to you, even in the country. 


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