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Are you Following us?

One of the points in our new year’s resolution is to increase our online presence. For a couple of months now, we decided to take our social media pages much more seriously, and we have not regretted it one bit. Honestly, it has been exciting. We had always had social media, but more time, research, resources, and effort have been put into our pages now. And we’re glad our users are appreciative of this. 

As a Cardtoinic user, you shouldn’t miss out on our social media pages. I don’t think there is a single disadvantage that comes with clicking that button. However, on the other hand, numerous advantages come with having Cardtonic on your feed. 

What are the Benefits of Following Cardtonic on Social Media?

Like I said previously you stand to gain a lot, I’ve decided to categorize a few for better understanding:


Cardtonic social media pages post very relevant information concerning the brand, and also general information as well.

Every major change that is about to occur on the platform would be announced beforehand there, a rate update is posted daily on our stories and there are also general tips you can learn too.


What’s a good social media account without giveaways here and there? Cardtonic understands the assignment. Following the account ensures you stay on top of any upcoming giveaway. We recently concluded one last month, #Cardtonicbluedecember. Over 500 thousand Naira was given to our users, VIP tickets to Burna Boy’s Lagos show, Cardtonic Merch, etc.

Don’t feel too bad if you missed it, something fun is coming real soon, keep an eye out. (#stayhydrated)

Online Customer Service 

Our Cardtonic customer response team has proven to be very helpful. Other than Phone or email, you can also send us a DM with your inquiries. So you are presented with an array of options that could be used to reach us. 

Fun Stuff 

There is a lot of trivia, trends, sport, and other fun content you would find on our accounts. We don’t believe in taking life too seriously, everything you do should have a bit of fun in it, to make it more enjoyable. 

How Can I Follow Cardtonic on Social Media?

Easy! we go by a generic username across all platforms. On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it is simply, “Cardtonic“.

So, I am going to ask you one more time, are you following us??


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