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Cardtonic Easter Talent Show: 300k Up for Grabs

Easter is here and it came with public holidays on weekdays! Someone said this is a midterm holiday for adults and I simply cannot agree more. 

After a successful first quarter, we’ve been given a much-needed holiday, thanks to our Christian friends. The question we asked ourselves was, “what can we do to make this Easter memorable for our users and potential users (yes, we see you)?” We decided that a giveaway would be the perfect solution.

There are a lot of giveaways we organize, it’s because we appreciate you and always want to give back to you, but this one will blow your minds! Would you like to take a guess? 

Let me save you the stress and dive right in. We are giving away 300,000 Naira to 3 lucky people!! That is huge, right? 3 people stand a chance to win 300k. Your next question is probably how you can become one of those three people. I’ll give you the details now.

How to Enter

To Be Eligible For This Giveaway You Must:

  1. Follow us @cardtonic
  2. Make a 30 second – 1-minute video showcasing your talent (it could be comedy, singing, dancing, and much more) on your page and tag us @cardtonic
  3. Use the hashtag #cardtoniceastertalentshow on your entry

All VALID entries will be reposted or retweeted. The most creative videos and videos with the most likes will be chosen.

1st place: 150,000 Naira

2nd place: 100,000 Naira

3rd place: 50,000 Naira 

All submissions must end on the 27th of April, 2022. The three lucky winners will be selected on the 3rd of May, 2022.

The requirements are so easy that I’m even thinking of participating. Don’t judge me, who doesn’t like free money? All you need to do is follow the requirements, share a talent of yours with the world, gain some exposure, and stand a chance to win. It is a good idea to invite as many friends as possible, so if you aren’t the winner, your friends can win, and you will all be able to eat good this Easter. 

You can contact us on any of our social media platforms with any further questions. We’ll make sure to address all of your concerns. Good luck to all the participants.

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