Cardtonic Is Now Available In Ghana 🇬🇭 - Cardtonic

Cardtonic Is Now Available In Ghana 🇬🇭


Hi Toniks,

After several months of planning and prepping, we are excited to share that Cardtonic is now available in Ghana. Excuse me for the next line because…

Yaaaaaaaasssssssss! 🦾

If you have friends or loved ones in Ghana, now is a good time to give them the gist that they can now sell any gift card in Ghana.

However, in order to register a Ghana account on Cardtonic, the user will have to select “Ghana” as the country during registration.

Payment to Ghanaians is available to any Ghana bank account and MOMO, and as always, the payments are fast. As a matter of fact, the time it takes to get credited is shorter than the time it took you to read this sentence 🤪

No Time To Check Time…

We are already delivering the same excellent service to our Ghanaian audience, and we hope you will tell a friend to tell a friend that Cardtonic is now in the nation of freedom and justice.

To learn more about our Ghana offerings, use the button below to check out some of the FAQs we have compiled. Also, our customer success team is always available to attend to all questions.


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