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#CTGIVESBACK – How April’s Outreach Went!

It was a hot Wednesday Morning when my colleagues and I headed to Ikeja to deliver hope to several beneficiaries. I remember the weather and the road made the trip slightly uncomfortable. However, our mission was far more important than any of those minor inconveniences. 

We partnered with Lagos Food Bank on Wednesday the 27th, of April 2022.  To give out essential gift items to several selected beneficiaries in need. Lagos Food Bank was in charge of the research, documentation, and invitation of these beneficiaries in the community and we took care of the gift items.

In case you are new to our blog, you might be a little confused, so let me roll it back a bit for you.

Why Was This Done?

This exercise was carried out in fulfillment of our monthly commitment CTGivesBack. Which is a charity initiative that entails us taking out 5 Naira from our proceeds on every transaction on our platform, and giving it to charity at the end of every month. We pick local charities around us and visit them with needed gift items. And we have begun this movement in January 2022.

Now that you have more insight, I am guessing you want to know how the recent one went.

How Was The Outreach? 

When we got to the location, we were warmly welcomed by two of their officials, and shortly after that, we went upstairs to the storage room to get the boxes and bring them down to arrange and share them. 

The beneficiaries began to arrive and were filed into a waiting area. Not long after this, some officials ushered them to a large area that could accommodate the sharing process. And collect their packages. The reception from the beneficiaries towards us was very delightful. It felt like we had met each other before. There were all very friendly and we danced and took pictures after they got their packages. 


How Can I Participate?

As a Cardtonic user, you are automatically taking part in this initiative. We wouldn’t have any proceeds or transactions without you. All you need to do is keep trading. 

Other than getting compensated nicely by selling your gift cards on our platform, you are also making a difference in people’s lives. If you are reading this and you are not a user, the only way thing to do now is to make amends

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