There is nothing worse than heading out to the beach on a sunny day or in the evening to watch the sunset and the whole place is littered. Regardless of the location or occasion, a messy beach reduces the ambiance and excitement of the outing. 

The downside of a littered beach goes far beyond the general appearance alone. Those wastes can cause danger to children, fishing equipment, and also fishes in the sea. 

We as a brand take this very seriously and have always thought about ways we can improve the general cleanliness of the beach. This is why we decided to partner up with the FABE foundation for our July outreach to improve the sanitation at Okun-Ajah beach. 

What is FABE Foundation?  

FABE international foundation is an environmental and sustainability organization that deals with the growth and development of an eco-conscious generation committed to restoring, sustaining, and protecting the environment.

Amongst the various incredible things this foundation is into, they also conduct regular environmental outreaches and On Thursday the 28th of July 2022, we partnered up with them to clean up the litter and waste products at Okun Ajah beach. 

How Was The Outreach? 

It was a fun experience. However, before I get to the good part, I have to talk about the long walk we all had to do to clean the entire beachfront. I never realized beaches were that big when I go to play and eat. 

We decided to have a bit of fun whilst achieving the task. So to spice things up, we divided into 5 teams. Each team had 7 people each. The team that brought the most waste back wins. This made everyone more active and motivated to find all the dirt they could. 

When we were done, we all took pictures and made videos. It was an exciting time for us all because we got to know more about the foundation, had conversations with each other, and clean up the environment at a soothing beach. Not bad at all don’t you think? 

Would Cardtonic Do This Again? 

Of course! Our #CTGIVESBACK outreach is a charity initiative we commenced at beginning of this year to give back to the community and we plan on going on more outreaches. This is all done from our proceeds. 

How Can I Participate? 

If you do not already know, not only are you Participating, but are one of the major stakeholders that contributed to the commencement of this initiative. 

Without your patronage, we wouldn’t be able to give back. Simply by selling your gift cards on our platform we are able to perform this action. For inquiries about this initiative or trading on our platform, you can always contact our support team



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