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CTGivesBack June Outreach To The Candlelight Foundation 

To celebrate our 6-month anniversary of this initiative we decided to partner with the candlelight foundation and help people in need with one of the most essential items in life which is food. 

We’ve remained consistent for 6 months, and the reception we get from each outreach plays a very important role in the continuity of this initiative. We see how much it means to people, especially the beneficiaries. There’s definitely a spark of hope and motivation that someone/ people out there care for them. 

Why Candlelight Foundation? 

The Candlelight foundation Nigeria is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that focuses on empowering less privileged men in society. They help men in society with food, clothes, and money. This was also a good time since it’s the season of celebrating fathers.

How Was The Outreach? 

On Friday the 24th of June 2022, we embarked on one of the most interesting outreaches we’ve done since its inception. The foundation is located in Surulere Lagos, Nigeria. If you stay in Lagos, you should already be accustomed to the traffic. Although we tried to beat the traffic by heading out early, it still caught up to us a bit. 

We arrived at the foundation around 10 am. Exchanged pleasantries with the representatives, and were escorted to a room. We made sure we got there early to be a part of the packing and sharing process when the beneficiaries start arriving. 

Asides from the ready-made meal, we also had a couple of raw food ingredients we intended on giving the beneficiaries when they arrived. my colleagues and the representatives properly packed these items into branded nylons and arranged them in anticipation of when the beneficiaries came. 

It didn’t take too long before they started arriving and we welcomed them one by one. We filed them into an eating area, where they could relax and eat. We had brief conversations with each of them, and most of them were well acquainted with the foundation. They let us know how much it meant to them that the foundation exists, and how donors like us are important in fulfilling their essential needs. 

After lunch, we took a couple of pictures and started handing out the gift packages to the beneficiaries before heading out. 

What Happens Next?

To keep it short, “More” More outreaches, more partnerships, and more lives impacted. This is all a result of your loyalty to us. Together we can make a difference.

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