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#CTGivesBack – Our Lagos Food Bank Experience!

Month after month, we have more reasons to be happy that we began the charity outreach. Going physically into local communities and realizing firsthand what this means to the beneficiaries is impeccable. The experience was beyond humbling. I wish you were there. Thankfully, you have me, an awesome storyteller, to help you paint a mental picture of exactly how the day went.

What is Lagos Food Bank Precisely?

The Lagos Food Bank is a nonprofit initiative, that focuses mainly on 3 things which are; 

  1.  Fighting hunger
  2.  Solving Malnutrition and reducing wastage 
  3.  Increasing the nutrition and food intake of pregnant women in need and their infants.

This is a very detailed organization, that is dedicated to fighting the great epidemic affecting pregnant women. Specifically, the less privileged. 

It did not take long after we heard about them that we decided to reach out. We knew that we wanted to be a part of their amazing work. After all the formalities were made, we set a date.

On Thursday the 17th of March 2021, we visited the Lagos food bank building for the outreach. Although it took us a bit of time to get to the location, all the minor hurdles we faced during the journey were immediately cleared from our memories when we arrived at the venue. 

How Did The Outreach Go?

Cardtonic was welcomed by two representatives, that explained what they were about, when they started, and why they do this. They also gave us a brief tour of the massive building space. It was way bigger than any of us pictured it to be. 

We saw the freezing room, the warehouses, the office building, and their vehicles. As we were rounding up the tour, another representative came to inform us that the beneficiaries had arrived. We went downstairs to observe how the volunteers do their thing. 


After welcoming them, They arranged the beneficiaries in a single file and led them to their chairs. One thing that struck us was the fact that all the beneficiaries had been registered beforehand. The representative explained how they go into communities and look for these women carefully. Whenever there is an outreach coming up they contact and invite them to their venue. There was nothing random at all about the event.

The outreach became more interesting when they started playing music, we had some time to mingle and dance with the beneficiaries. After breaking the ice, the representatives along with my team and I started bringing the boxes downstairs. It was beautifully arranged, and the women were asked to come in and collect their boxes.


It meant everything to us seeing the look on their faces when they saw the items in the box. Not only was it a delightful experience, but it was also really fun. 

Where Next?

That is still a surprise for now but be rest assured you would be kept in the loop. 

Does My Trade Count?

Your trades on our platform are the most important factor. The foundation on which the outreach was built. Because of you #ctgivesback exists.



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