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#CTGIVESBACK- Our Next Outreach 

When we initiated the charity program, we did not have everything planned. But It was something we knew we wanted to do. We concluded on a percentage we would take out from our profit at the end of each month, decided to conduct some research, and found a couple of orphanage homes near us. We reached out, and gradually we started putting the pieces together.

The first one was a success. It gave us all the confidence and assurance we needed to tell us we can keep doing this. So now there is no stopping. Tighten your seat belts and enjoy the ride. We are just getting started. In case you missed the previous 

#ctgivesback articles, let me give you a quick rundown of what it is all about. 


This is a charity outreach that we commenced at the beginning of the year. what it entails is that, for every transaction on our platform, 5 naira goes to charity. 

Meaning regardless of the amount of your transaction, 5 Naira from our profit would be donated to people in need. 

We provide support to beneficiaries in our local communities. This is our little way of making a difference.

Interesting… How Can I Participate?

You already are! without your transactions on our platform, all these would not be feasible, the only way to help out is by increasing the volume of your trades. Now you are getting cash for your gift cards and also giving to charity. It does not get any better than this. 

Where’s the Next Outreach?

The last outreach was great, but we are confident that this one is going to be even better. We are spreading love to the Friends of Jesus orphanage homes.

We have been in contact with the representatives there, and the necessary procedures are already in motion. 

What Inspired This Movement?

We are overwhelmed by the love and loyalty you show us, and we decided that we needed to extend this affection to people in need. Nobody is oblivious to the situation in the country. The only to make a change is by starting with ourselves. Hopefully, this act of kindness would inspire other individuals and brands to do the same as well. 

Get Started Now

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