If you had a chance to read the last article, I talked about us visiting our next charity organization soon. And also promised to fill you in on the details and tell you exactly how it went.

Where Did You Go?

Over the weekend, I and 8 of my colleagues visited the friends of Jesus orphanage at Badore Ajah, Lagos Nigeria. If you have never heard about them, let me give you a quick rundown. There is a Christian orphanage, catholic to be precise, that focuses on providing love, care, shelter, quality education, and also vocational training to abandoned babies, children, and orphans. 

We had heard so many good traits about them and we knew we had to be of help in our little way. On getting to the location, we were met by a number of children. Because it was a weekend, there were all playing around in the living room and enjoying themselves. At first, there was a bit of shyness in the air, but when the orphanage representatives introduced us, in a matter of seconds they all opened their arms to us.

Although we had a conversation with the representatives, it was the children that took up most of our time. There were all loving and fun to interact with, it was so easy to get lost in their stories about school, church, their friends, etc. 

It was nothing short of an amazing experience and we honestly cannot wait to do this again. 

Thank you again for making all these possible, without you, there would be no outreach. The only way to show support is to keep going hard in your app. That way, you are rest assured we aren’t stopping anytime soon.

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