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#CTGivesBack- We Started a Charity Program! 

Just like previous years, we have a lot of things planned and outlined that we wanted to achieve before the year ran out, but from experience, we have realized that various exogenous occurrences beyond our control could alter these plans. This is why we decided that we did not want to waste any time and achieve as much as we could as early as possible. 

One major thing which had always been on our minds was our impact on society. Outside the Cardtonic users, we always wanted to spread love to as many people as we could. We are very glad that we can tick off another point in our new year resolutions by the introduction of our #GiveBack charity program. 

Today, I’ll be explaining what the #GiveBack program is all about, and how you can also participate! 

What is #CTGivesBack?

To put it simply, this just means that, for every transaction on the Cardtonic platform, 5 Naira goes to charity. 

That is, every time you make a trade on our platform, regardless of the amount, we donate 5 Naira from our end to people in need. 

Our charity program gives support to non-profit organizations in our local communities, through initiatives that support them. 

When Does the #CTGivesBack Program happen?

Every month, we visit one of these non-profit organizations with a part of our monthly profits. 

How Long Will This Go on?

Hopefully, as long as possible! This is not a one-time thing as we would be doing this every single month. 

How Can You Be a Part of This?

That’s super easy! Like I mentioned earlier, for every transaction on our platform, we give 5 Naira to charity. You can be a part of this charity program by downloading the Cardtonic app available on Android and IOS and trading your gift cards.

With this, everybody wins! You get cash in return for your gift cards and part of the proceeds go to those in need. 

By trading your gift cards and getting money from them, you’re also helping those in need. 

For that, we say THANK YOU!

It warms our hearts to know that we will be giving back to people who need it the most and we hope to touch their hearts and make them happy. 

There would also be a provision for those who separately want to give back to these charity organizations, through us. I would be updating you on that real soon.


Get Started Now

Download the Cardtonic App or register on web and start giftcarding like bosses do.

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