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Don’t Lose Hope, We’re Here For You

Every now and then in your life, a special occasion arises. Apart from the anticipation of the big day and the feeling of accomplishment/happiness, there is a little part of you who looks forward to the good wishes from friends and family. Some even go far as giving you presents.

Of course, nobody wants to seem ungrateful, but we would be lying if we did not admit that we all want to like the gifts given to us. Sadly our expectations cannot always meet reality. 

Scenario 1 

For example; You recently graduated from university with good grades. After a rigorous and stressful 4 years of unending lectures, assessments and dissertation, you are finally done. This is more than enough cause for celebration. your whole family is proud of you. Then you get a text from your Aunt telling you to check your email for “something light”. The confusion of email instead of account balance made you miss her horrible attempt at being Gen Z. Regardless you rush to your Email and to your surprise, you find a $200 Amazon gift card courtesy of your Aunt. There’s a sudden wave of mixed feelings that hits you. The $200 part looks nice of course, but you can’t help but wonder what use that would be to you at Amazon. “Why couldn’t she just have sent the money instead ?” you think to yourself. 

Scenario 2 

It’s your last week at your company, and after 3 years of service, it’s time to finally move on. You’ve noticed your colleagues have been acting suspicious and funny all morning, and you are not sure why. It’s 5 pm and they all storm your table with a big cake from your favorite bakery and they play it safe with a $500 gift card from Sephora. 

It’s a good gift. However, unlike most women, you are not crazy about makeup or skincare. It has never been your thing, and you’re wondering how your colleague’s never noticed. If only you could remove the Sephora part from the present and keep the money. 

What Do These Two People Have in Common?

These two people have very different backgrounds. But they share a common problem, which is the fact that they both have unwanted gift cards. Do they force themselves to redeem the gift cards regardless of their personal preference, or let them wallow away on their shelves? Rather they can sell their gift cards for cash on Cardtonic for the best gift card rates

This way, they get cash and they have the ability to purchase what they truly desire. if you are ever stuck with an unwanted gift card, remember you have a way out. 

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