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Footlocker or Nike? Which is a Better Gift Card?

There’s always a big decision to make when purchasing gift cards. Especially if you’re new to using them, or to the sector of such a brand. Even though you do not have much knowledge of it, you still want to make sure you’re going for the best and it’s a purchase you’d look back on and be happy with.

If you do not already have a favorite, and you are looking to cop some footwear gift cards, your most popular options would either be footlocker or Nike. I know it may be a bit confusing to pick one because they’re both awesome. But after reading this article, it should be easier to decide.

What is a Nike Gift Card? 

Nike is a multinational company. That produces, markets, and sells its brand’s products. These include clothing, footwear, and accessories. 

Nike Gift cards are alternative methods of payment, that when redeemed, can be used to purchase all items at Nike. Either online or physically.

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What are the Benefits of the Nike Gift Card?

1. Gateway to All Nike Products: it’s no doubt that Nike products are fire. With a Nike Gift card, you can purchase various breathtaking items, and look cool while doing it.

2. Nike Gift Cards Can Be Redeemed at Converse: Yes it’s true. Asides from the various array of options you have on “swoosh”, you can also decide to extend your shopping spree to the Converse brand, and pay with your Nike Gift card. 

3. They are Reloadable: Very few cards have this feature. If you purchase the Nike Gift card. You’d be part of the unique few.

Footlocker Gift Cards 

Footlocker is an American retail sportswear and footwear brand, that specializes mainly in selling a large selection of designer footwear and apparel. Such as; New Balance, Puma, Adidas, Jordan, Rebook, Vans, etc. They created their gift cards so their customers can have an additional means of purchasing their items. It also simplifies payments on their brand and serves as awesome presents for loved ones into sports items and sneakers. 

Benefits of Footlocker Gift Card

1. Wide Shopping Range: Footlocker sells over 30 brands on their website and physically. Purchasing their gift cards gives you unlimited options to shop from.

2. Footlocker Gift Cards Can be Resold: Although almost every gift card can be resold for cash, these digital assets possess high rates, meaning you would be getting a reasonable amount back from your gift cards if you choose to cash it in.

3. Footlocker Gift Cards Cannot Expire: There is no set time or date for footlocker gift cards to expire. You have all the luxury of time, to carefully dissect the countless brands and purchase all the items you love.

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So Which is Better??

Both gift cards are powerful. However, If you noticed, there is a distinct factor you should look at, which would simplify your decision. Footlocker gift cards can be used to purchase various names. Whether it’s footwear, clothing, or accessories. On the other hand, the Nike gift card can get you in all things “swoosh” head to toe. 

If you’re someone in love with the Nike brand, it’s clear the gift card you should purchase, but if you’re more into diversity, and you like to mix it up, then the footlocker gift card would be a better pick.

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