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Google Play Gift Cards With The Highest Resale Rates 

Google Play is a digital marketplace that was created to serve as a hub where applications running on the Android operating system can be purchased and downloaded. Some of which include; Music, movies, books, games, etc. 

The most convenient method of purchasing applications on the platform is still the Google play gift card. This is a digital asset preloaded with a specific amount of money created by Google to serve the purpose of being a medium of payment at the brand. This digital asset comes in various forms and currencies. For example; the US, UK, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, etc. All of which have amounts ranging from 10-500. 

Just like regular currency, Google play gift cards have different rates when it comes to resale. But before looking at the high performing digital asset in this category, the most first and important factor to consider is the platform you would be reselling your Google play gift card for cash on.

Why is The Platform I Sell My Google Play Gift Card Important?

The platform you trade on determines whether you would be shielded from exogenous occurrences or not. A good platform would not only guarantee the security of your digital asset but also offer you customer-inclined rates for all your trades.

What is The Best Platform To Resell My Google Play Gift Cards in Nigeria?

Once the word “Best” enters the question, the only answer is Cardtonic. 

This is a platform that guarantees security, high rates, and fast payouts. Coupled with this, the trading application is easy to navigate and there is also a reliable customer support team always available to tend to your inquiries at any time of the day. 

 On the Cardtonic platform, you can sell dozens of Google play gift cards. However, I would highlight the top 5 best gift cards in this category as of today. 

Google Play Gift Cards With The Highest Resale Rates on Cardtonic Today

In descending order, the digital assets in this category with the highest resale rates are; 

Sub Category                                                  Rate 

UK Google Play Gift Card                                500

CHFGoogle Play Gift Card                               475

UK Google Play Gift Card (E-code)                450

Euro Google Play Gift Card                              440

The amount of your Google play gift card multiplied by the current rate of the digital asset is the Naira equivalent which you would be getting from that particular trade. To avoid the stress of manually calculating that all the time, you can easily use the rate calculator feature on the platform.

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