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High Performing Gift Cards in Their Sector 

Gift cards are alternative methods of payment that help to simplify purchases at their designated brands. This digital asset is a great marketing strategy adopted by brands to promote themselves and increases sales in general. 

Gift cards have now become globally adopted, meaning companies around the world in various sectors, have incorporated the use of this digital asset into their business. Now for someone new to gift cards, and you looking for a guide on which to purchase for either your loved ones or yourself, this article is just for you. I would be grouping the top gift cards of the year currently based on their sectors, so sit tight and read on. 

What Are The Top Gift Cards Doing Well in Their Respective Sectors?

1 Retail/E-commerce: This is one of the most universal sectors. Regardless of your gender, occupation, or prefrence, there would always be a need for you to visit a retail store. This is why a gift card from this sector would be a good and efficient buy. The top gift cards in this sector currently are; Amazon & Walmart. With either of these gift cards, you can buy everything from groceries, electronics, home decorations, etc. 

2 Gaming: This is much more fun and relaxing sector, whether you are a pro gamer or you play occasionally, having a gift card that can cover the costs of your games, would be nice. For PC gaming, you should go with the Steam gift card for various reasons. However, if you play games on console, the Xbox or Playstation gift card would be a better option. 

3 Sportswear and Apparel: For the Fit fam, the sports lovers, and sneakerheads, this sector is just perfect for you. You can achieve all your shopping desires for any of those occasions with a gift card from either Nike or Footlocker

4 Mobile Applications: Your smartphone is practically a hub for everything you need. Whether it’s  lifestyle, finance, social media, health, fitness, etc. You need a platform to download it all. Google Play and Apple remain the top 2 gift cards in this sector.

Makeup/ Beauty/Fashion:  If you are into any of these categories, they are tons of gift cards that are available for you to purchase. However, Macy’s, Sephora, and Nordstrom are one of the best in the game currently. Not only have they grown their brand over the years, but they also have massive partnerships and collaborations. So with either of their cards, you can purchase tons of other brands from the same store. 


It’s important to be careful and intentional when shopping for gift cards. Getting the right one can change almost everything when it comes to making payments. This is also a good choice because, if for any reason you are unable to redeem them, or are in sudden need of cash, there is always a perfect remedy for that. 


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