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How To Fix The “We Need More Info To Redeem This Gift Card” Error 

Picture this, you just found a new paid application on the Google play store that spikes your interest, and you want to download it. You immediately head to get your google play gift card to offset the cost of the app and to your surprise, you receive an annoying error message ” We Need More Info To Redeem This Gift Card” instead of the indication that your application is being downloaded. Your first reaction would either be confused, upset, or even both. 

Have you been in a situation where you want to sell your Google play gift card and your trade is rejected with this error? 9/10 times you are already visualizing the Naira equivalent in your bank account so it would definitely be annoying. 

After a couple of minutes, you have to start thinking of a solution, and this is where we come in. But before heading into it, you should have a proper understanding of what the error is and what gift card brand issues this. 

What Are Google Play Gift Cards?

Google play gift cards are digital assets simply used to purchase paid applications on the Google play store. Applications such as; music, books, apps, etc

These gift cards come in two major forms. Namely; Physical and E-code. 

About Google Play’s “We Need More Info To Redeem This Gift Card” Error 

Although this message is aggravating, it still occurs. There are a couple of things you need to understand. 

  1. This error is from Google’s end, not your gift card vendor, 
  2. It should not be mistaken for “This gift card has already been redeemed”
  3. It is fixable 

The third point should put your mind to ease. Because now you know that there is a solution to this. 

What Causes Google Play Card Errors?

Don’t worry, this error occurring is not your fault. The main reason for this message has not been totally verified. However, it is most likely a result of your card not being fully or properly activated at the place of purchase.

How To Fix The “We Need More Info” Error

The first prerequisite to fixing this error is redeeming on your mobile device first. If you used your PC or another device, this should be your first option. 

Difference Between Physical and E-code Google Play

The major difference between the two types of Google Play gift cards is the form they come in. They look and feel different. 

The physical google play gift cards have a hard plastic form and are branded, while the e-code as the name implies are in digital form. They can only be felt if printed and would be simply paper.  

You can purchase the physical form at Walmart, Target, BestBuy, CVS Pharmacy, etc. While the e-code can be bought online and it would be sent directly to your email.

How To Redeem Google Play Gift Card on Mobile Device 

  1. Tap and open Your Google Play app.
  2. At the top right, click the profile icon.
  3. Tap Payments & subscriptions  Redeem gift code.
  4. Enter the code.
  5. Then Redeem.

It should work now. However, If the error is still occurring, then you need to take it up a notch. You can either take it back to the store of purchase and let them know about this, or go to the google play website, and fill out the form.


The latter may take some time for you to get a response due to the large number of investigations and complaints Google gets worldwide. 

Once this issue is resolved, you can go ahead to redeem your gift cards. 

How To Sell Google Play Gift Cards on Cardtonic 

Now that your digital asset is ready to go, what better way to utilize it than using it to make some cool cash?  Sell gift cards for cash with 7 quick steps.

How Can I Sell My Google Play Gift Card on Cardtonic?

  1.  Open your Cardtonic Application  
  2.  Click on “Trade gift cards” 
  3.  Under “select category” pick the Google Play gift card
  4.  For the subcategory, select your digital asset’s exact type and form. For example; CHF Google Play Physical.
  5. Enter the amount of your gift card. For example; 100,200,300 etc
  6.  Upload the image/s of your digital asset 
  7.  Start Trade.

What To Do After Submitting Your Trade on Cardtonic 

Normally you would not have many options to do in such a short time due to the speed of our transactions. Your trade will be processed within 3 – 5 minutes and after this, you can immediately request a withdrawal.

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