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How to Get More from your AMEX Gift Cards During Resale 

Amex gift cards are digital assets, which serve is as an alternative means of payment asides from cash, debit, or credit cards that can be used to make purchases anywhere AMEX is accepted as a means of payment. There are more than enough places to redeem this gift card because AMEX is widely accepted.

 This digital asset is one of the most traded gift cards on our platform. It is easy to understand why because this card is in demand and as a result has nice resale rates. I know the magnitude and the various forms in which these gift cards come in can be a bit confusing, so firstly I would be clearing up the differences amongst these cards then proceed to how to trade your AMEX gift cards on our platform. 

Types of AMEX receipts

Before you can fully comprehend how to sell your AMEX gift cards on our platform, you need to know the differences in the receipts. When you tap on the subcategory option, you would see some options, which you should get familiar with.

The type of receipt that would be issued to you at the point of purchase solely depends on how you purchased your gift card. 

 1. Debit Receipt: The debit receipt is issued when your means of the purchase of the AMEX gift card is through a debit card. 

2. Credit Receipt: When you purchase your AMEX gift card with a credit card, you would get this from of receipt.

3. Cash Receipt: As the name implies, the cash receipt is issued at the point of purchase when you use physical cash to buy your AMEX gift card. 

This method of payment is the most popular and most encouraged. Generally, reselling AMEX cash receipts would give you the highest monetary value amongst the rest. So you should always try to purchase your card with cash, Incase of resale.

4. No Receipt: This is not a method of payment. But it is still included because during instances when you misplace your receipt or you were gifted this card without a receipt, you are still encouraged to resell on our platform.

You should check out some errors associated with AMEX gift cards.

How To Sell Amex Gift Cards on Cardtonic 

Open your Cardtonic application and tap on the “Trade gift cards”  icon to begin. The first option you would see is “Select Category” pick AMEX.  The next step is the sub-category section. It is very important to pick the right one precisely. Input the amount of your gift card, upload the images, and tap the ” Start Trade” icon.

All AMEX gift cards have high resale rates, but the trick to getting more from your AMEX gift card is by selling the Cash receipt.

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