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How To Make Money From Your Steam Gift Card in Nigeria

Steam is an online gaming library that is used to interact, create and play games. The essence of the Steam Gift Card is to serve as a medium of payment for games, videos, and other downloadable content on the platform.  

The steam gift card is also resourceful when it comes to resale. Especially in the country. Just like any normal market, the price or value of an item is majorly determined by its demand. When there is high demand for an asset, it is almost sure the value of such an item would be high. This is the same scenario with Steam gift cards. It has a heavy market here in Nigeria, and I would be letting you know how you can sell steam card for money

How Can I Sell My Steam Gift Card For A lot of money in Nigeria?

You might have been offered underwhelming rates for your Steam gift card on certain platforms. Or did not even know about the possibility of this process in Nigeria. 

That’s fine, now you have the opportunity to learn how to do it right. When thinking of reselling your gift cards, the first and most important thing that is needed is the platform you trade on. 

Why is The Gift Card Exchange Platform I Trade on Important?

Your gift card exchange platform is very vital. This is what decides if you would have a pleasurable trading experience or not. Other than the obvious factor which is security; you need a platform that offers customer inclined rates regardless of what the market is saying. Before trading on any platform, you should ask yourself “Do they have a reliable customer support service?” and is their platform easy to use?”

You need a platform that makes you feel like there are not too far from you and you can always reach out whenever you have inquiries.

Now you are thinking, “what platform might that be?” there is none other than Cardtonic.

What is Cardtonic? 

Cardtonic is the best gift card exchange platform in Nigeria, that helps individuals get the best monetary value they can for all their gift cards. On this platform, you are sure to make the most money from all your Steam gift cards.

Currently, you would be offered as high as 470/£1 for your UK Steam gift card on the platform. Now imagine how much you would be getting in Naira with such a rate.


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