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How To Use the Rate Calculator Feature on Cardtonic 

We all love the joy and excitement that comes with selling our gift cards for cash on Cardtonic. The whole trading experience is amazing. What makes it more enjoyable and fulfilling is seeing the money from a successful trade enter your Cardtonic wallet. You know that with this, it is only a matter of minutes before you have it right in your account. One thing Cardtonic users do not play about is their money. Like the Yoruba’s would say “KOWOPE” which means the money should be complete. No user would want to see an amount lower than what was expected reflected in their wallet. This is why we created the rate calculator feature

What is Rate Calculator? 

The rate calculator feature is a tool we installed to inform you about the rate of your gift cards at any point in the day. 

Why Would I Need This? 

Before going into any market, it would be nice to have an estimate of the cost of items you would like to purchase. Also as a seller, when potential buyers have an idea of the price of your service or good, it saves time, excess talking and also speeds up the process of trading. 

In that same light, we decided to give our customers something even better. With the rate calculator, you can have an exact knowledge of the amount you would be getting from your gift card even before commencing a trade. 

It is common knowledge that rates regularly fluctuate. The rate of these gift cards changes several times within hours. It is almost impossible to keep up with such a busy market. So with this feature, you can decide to take a peak, and understand what would be entering inside your wallet after trading.

How Can I use the Rate Calculator Feature?

The rate calculator is available both on mobile devices and on the website. Look for the option and click it. 

You would be redirected to a page where you have to fill in the details of your gift card. 

There are only 3 requirements to complete this process. Which are; input the amount of your gift card, select a category and pick a subcategory. After this, you can proceed to press the “Sell gift card” icon to know the current rate of your card. For example $200 USA Nordstrom Physical (100- 299). 

What are the Top 5 Gift Cards with the Highest rates on Cardtonic Today?

1. Steam: The highest gift card on our platform currently is the Physical UK Steam with a rate of 520/£ 1.

2. Steam: No, it’s not a mistake. Steam is one of the many gift cards on our platform that have various currencies. It just so happens that more than one steam currency has high rates. The first runner-up is the UK Steam E-code, with a rate of 470/£1.

3. Razer Gold: The Razer Gold Gift Card from amounts of $50 and above can be resold for as high as 430/$1 on our platform currently. 

4. Google: The third runner-up is the physical UK Google Play gift card with a resale rate of 430/£1.

5. Steam: Last but certainly not the least, is another Steam gift card. This is the physical Euro steam card that has a rate of 430/€1. Meaning you can get as high as 43,000 Naira by selling your €100 Steam gift card on our platform right now. 

Having a detailed understanding on the monetary value of your gift cards even before trading is very insightful. Once you start using this feature, I can guarantee that you would never trade on our platform without calculating your card’s worth first. 


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