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How To Manage Your Finances Better in 2023

We all came into 2023 with a plan and new resolutions. For most people, part of their new year’s resolutions includes fattening their wallets. I certainly fall into this category. However, what most people don’t realize is that as you are looking for ways to increase your earnings, you should equally plan how to manage your existing income. The truth is without discipline no amount of money would ever be enough for you. Because your wants and needs increases as your income does too. 

To acquire items, be able to meet up with unforeseen circumstances, and also live a comfortable life according to the tax bracket you are currently in, it is important to learn how to manage your finances. 

What Methods Can I Use To Manage Mine in 2023?

1. Budget Allocation: 

Budget allocation remains one of the most effective and traditional methods of controlling your finances. Although this method might not work for everybody, especially if you are an entrepreneur and you may not necessarily know when your next inflow is coming. However, once it enters, the most important and foremost thing to do is effectively plan how you would spend it. And no I do not mean in your head. Either take a pen and paper and write it down or use a budget planning application on your phone/pc to do this. You might think you have it under control, but once bills, feeding, entertainment, and goodwill get in the way, you would be left wondering where all your money went to. 

2Have More Than One Bank Account:  This would most likely not be news to you. Especially if you are a Nigerian living in the country. Depending solely on one Nigerian bank for your day-to-day, operations should be listed on 1000 ways to die. Because you are certain of getting high blood pressure. However, I didn’t make this point to save you from likely embarrassments like washing plates at a restaurant. Rather it serves as an avenue where you can put money aside and remove your eyes from temptation. After budgeting, it would be very hard to spend and save accordingly if all your money is in one place. 

3. Use Giftcards: 

Gift cards are digital assets that serve as an alternative and additional method of payment at a designated brand. This digital asset is a very effective means of managing your finances. When you purchase a gift card from your favorite brand, it saves you from unplanned costs and also tracks your expenses. For example, if you do your grocery shopping at amazon. A $100 Amazon gift card would last you for quite some time. You would also have your grocery shopping budget in a segregated place, which avoids confusion and becoming overwhelmed. Ensure you buy your gift cards from a reliable platform to avoid getting scammed.

4. Learn To Say No: This might not seem like that good of a method but the truth is that your resources are limited. To achieve some things, you would have to forgo certain things also. You need to learn to discipline yourself and say no sometimes to your friends, family, and most importantly yourself. Because you have it doesn’t always mean you should spend it. Especially if you are saving up for something important. 

Bonus Point 

Sell your Unwanted Gift Cards: One thing you should never say no to is free money. Every opportunity to cash out with minimal effort should be taken. If you were gifted a gift card that you do not necessarily like, or you have a sudden need for money, Selling your gift cards for cash on a trusted platform is a great avenue to get some. 


When this year ends, you should be able to look back and be proud of yourself for handling your finances much better than in previous years. Except for some unforeseen circumstances, you need to try as much as possible to take control and make intentional decisions to be more mature financially. Maturity does not come with age, but rather experiences. However, if you are young, you would find at least 2 or 3 methods that can show you how to manage money in your 20s. 

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