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Our August Outreach With Lagos Food Bank

Becoming good at something does not require magic, and neither can it happen overnight. What seemed like a mere dream has grown into something quite remarkable. We decided to give this initiative a go earlier this year. January precisely, and seven months later, we are progressing stronger than ever. 

For our August outreach, we decided to team up with our allies at the Lagos food bank. We wanted to deliver food items and care packages to beneficiaries in need. 

The process and research that goes into the selection of the beneficiaries by the Lagos food bank is no joke. This is key to us because we want the recipients of these essential items to be people actually in need of them. 

How Did The Outreach Go?

You know what they say about the third time being the charm. Unlike our previous visits, we had no trouble locating their massive building. Upon arrival, we already knew what needed to be done, so we headed straight up to help their staff with the boxes. However, there was something a bit more unique this time. The sharing process was done indoors. 

After setting up the care packages nicely, the beneficiaries were ushered in accordingly, and all items were distributed evenly. Because we never miss an opportunity to turn up, we had music playing in the background and took loads of pictures throughout the whole process. 

Why Did You Do This?

In case you recently became a Cardtonic user, we conduct monthly outreaches as part of a moral obligation to our #CTGivesBack initiative. 

#CTGivesBack is a charity initiative that entails us giving out 5 Naira from our proceeds for every transaction conducted on our platform. 

Regardless of how small the trade is, We would set aside 5 Naira from our profit for charity. We provide support in terms of food, clothing items, food materials, and other essential items to non-profit organizations in our local communities. This is our little way of making a difference in society.

What Inspired This Movement?

This has been something on our minds for quite some time. However before we embark on any project, we try to ensure we carefully prepare ourselves. Which enables us to execute at a level that meets our standards. 

We are not ignorant of the situation in our country, and instead of folding our arms, we decided that we would make a conscious effort in being of assistance and help in our community. In our opinion, we have only scratched the surface, and there is still a lot more that can be done as long as we have you.  

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