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Razer Gold Gift Cards – All you Need To Know

Razer incorporation was established in California, and it is a multinational technology company known for several things, but mainly developing and designing software and hardware items. One of their most popular exports is gaming software and hardware. 

Their gift cards are digital assets that serve as credits for gamers. What this does is that it enables all owners of this digital asset the ability to purchase thousands of games and other downloadable content on their platform. 

The Razer gold gift card has two major forms. Which are physical and digital. 

Where To Buy Razer Gold Gift Cards 

Razer Gold have made their gift cards pretty accessible to purchase. You are not limited to one particular means of buying this digital asset. You can purchase one for yourself;

  1. On the official website: This is one of the safest and most reliable platforms to Purchase your gift card. You can get the exact form and amount you need on the website. 
  2. With Resellers: Resellers exist mainly to bring these digital assets closer to you. If you are in a location where Razer does not operate in, resellers like 3rd party websites come in handy. although you might have to pay a bit higher than the initial price   
  3. At convenience stores: Popular stores such as Amazon, Walmart, etc have gift card sections. Here you can easily purchase a razer gold gift card of your choice. 

Can I Check My Razer Gold Gift Card Balance?

You can only check the balance of an unused razer gold gift card. Once redeemed, the value becomes zero. The balance is always the face value of the digital asset. 

How Can I Redeem My Razer Gift Card on The Platform?

  1. Proceed to checkout
  2. Enter your 19-digit gift card number 
  3. Input PIN 
  4. Submit payment 

Where To Resell Your Razer Gold Gift Card in Nigeria 

There are various places in the country this can be done. However, if you want a seamless trading experience, I recommend you use Cardtonic. It is a secure platform that guarantees consistent payouts and high rates at all times. 

How Much is a $100 Razer Gold Gift Card on Cardtonic? 

On Cardtonic you get very generous rates. It is important to understand that rates vary on every platform. 

This is a result of the market. For example; The naira equivalent you would get for your $200 Razer Gold gift card today, would not be the same as tomorrow. It may be slightly higher or lower. However, this asset is currently going for 460/$1. If you trade with this rate, it means you would be getting 46,000 Naira. 


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