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Sephora Gift Cards – All you Need To Know 

Sephora is a lifestyle retail store that sells popular beauty and makeup products of different brands in various locations. Their gift cards were created to serve as an innovative means of purchasing these products at Sephora. 

These gift cards come in two major forms, namely; Physical and E-code. You shouldn’t have a problem identifying them. Physical Sephora gift cards are usually black red or white and are plastic. Just like how your regular debit card feels. While the Sephora E-code naturally can only be seen digitally. Once purchased, it is sent to your email address. 

Another popular gift card similar to this is the JCPenney Sephora gift card. Be alert and cautious when you want to purchase the Sephora gift card to be sure you don’t mix them up. There is a way to distinguish both. 

What Is The Difference Between JCPenney Sephora and Sephora Gift Cards?

The easiest way to distinguish between the two digital assets is the Pin. The JCPenney Sephora gift card only has a 4- digit pin, while the other has an 8 – digit pin. 

Now that you might be thinking of how to access these gift cards. Which is also easy. I would be listing a couple of methods you can adopt to get one for yourself. 

Where You Can Buy Sephora Gift Cards 

There are several places this digital asset can be purchased. I would give you three major methods to simplify and aid your decision. 

1. Buying Sephora Gift Cards On the Website: One of the quickest ways to find this gift card is on the Sephora website itself. They have an extended list of places where their digital assets are available for purchase.

2. From Physical Stores: Retail stores like CVS Pharmacy, Walmart, Amazon, etc sell this gift card. If you live close to any of them, you can also buy from there. 

3. Third-Party Websites: The essence of these websites is to make major brand gift cards available in almost every location. Very few of these brands have outlets in every country. These websites create an avenue for you to be able to purchase your favorite gift cards in your location for a slightly higher price.

How To Redeem Your Sephora Gift Card Online 

To make payments with your Sephora gift card what you have to do is; 

1. Visit the website and select your preferred items.

2. Proceed to the checkout page

3. Input the code at the back of your Sephora gift card.

4. Click the “save and continue” option then complete your purchase.

Where To Sell Your Sephora Gift Card

Another good thing about this gift card is its flexibility. You can sell your unused Sephora gift cards in Nigeria at any point in time. This means you are not stuck with this asset forever if you decide to change your mind.

The best place to perform this exercise is Cardtonic. Especially if you are in Nigeria or Ghana. This is a legitimate platform that not only guides you through the exchange process but offers the best rates in the market 24/7. 

Now you know practically everything about this digital asset. You are welcome.


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