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The Essence of Digital Gift Cards 

Thanks to technology and innovation, businesses and individuals found a much simpler and more convenient means of making purchasing easier and desirable. What started as a means of simply creating comfort, evolved into thoughtfulness and aesthetics. Now you can not only customize but also design your electronic gift card at certain brands. Such as; Walmart. This makes gifting this card extra special or just another means to capture your attention when it is for personal use.

For some who are not so certain what I am talking about, the question on your mind would probably be asking what these Digital gift cards are. 

What is a Digital Gift Card?

You may have noticed that I have been switching up from digital to electronic and vice versa. Don’t be confused, this is because they mean the same thing. Electronic/ digital gift cards are quite similar to your regular physical gift cards because they perform the same function of serving as an alternative means of payment at a particular restaurant, clothing store, or brand. What differentiates them is the form in which they come in. The E- gift card as the name implies, is fully digital, meaning it can only be seen and not held. 

How Do I Get This Form of Gift Card?

If you cannot touch it, how would you be able to purchase it, you may be wondering. it is not like you can easily walk into a store and pick an invisible object. these gift cards can be bought solely online. Most big brands have the Electronic gift card option. Once purchased, the details of the gift card is sent to your email address. 

This eliminates having to step an inch from your bedroom, home, or office. You can do this for most big brands across the world. Some brands even encourage the use of more Electronic gift cards over physical on their website. Such as Steam and Razer Gold. The majority of their database exists online, when you create your account on their platform, it is much easier to purchase and redeem your gift card from there rather than looking for a retail store around. 

Now that you have a better understanding of what these gift cards mean, I can proceed to inform you about some of their benefits. 

Advantages of Owning a Digital Gift Card

1. Creates a fun shopping experience: What this gift card has shown us is that buying does not just have to be proceeding to check out and simply swiping. On certain brands where you can customize your digital gift card, it creates an avenue to bring out your artistic side and makes shopping much more enjoyable. To top it all off, you can do all these without moving an inch. 

2. Adds more thoughtfulness to gift-giving: It’s becoming more impossible to give loved ones presents by the day. The whole process is overwhelming, sometimes you may remember their special occasion a bit late. Which would not give you enough room for the spontaneity you may have envisioned. However, digital gift cards take away the harshness of simply giving actual cash. And the fact that you can also design some. For example, giving them a birthday, anniversary, or valentine’s theme, shows you put extra effort into your present. 

3. Means of Exchange: You can also accept payment in form of these gift cards from anywhere in the world because there is an opportunity to resell them for their cash equivalent here in Nigeria

Why is Cardtonic The Best Platform to Resell Your Digital Gift Cards? 

There is simply no comparison with any other platform in the country. For the best rates, fastest payouts, security for your gift cards and funds, Friendly customer service, and an extremely easy trading application, there is only one way to go, which is with us.

What are The Top 3 Electronic Gift Cards on Cardtonic Currently?

The UK Steam E-code currently has the highest resale rate on our platform. Going for 455/£1, the first runner-up is the Razer Gold Gift Card (50 and above). Which is 430/$1, and the third-highest in the UK Google Play E-code. The resale rate for this gift card is 380/$1. There is a special weapon on our platform, which always keeps you up to date on the rates. Be sure to always use it.

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