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Top Gift Cards To Give Your Loved Ones On Their Special Occasion

It can be a bit of a hassle to pick the right present for your loved ones. There is a slight fear that overcomes your mind when you want to gift your loved ones. “what if they don’t like it?” “what if they never use it?” 

All these questions and thoughts are normal especially when the person means a lot to you.  

Thankfully, gift cards reduce these insecurities significantly. These digital assets serve as an alternative method of payment at their designated brand. This helps to reduce the stress and insecurity of picking an exact item. Now all you have to do is figure out their favorite brands, and get them a nicely funded gift card there. 

Seems easy, but it’s not always the case. It’s very possible to be unaware of their favorite brands. However, there is a way of strategically guessing, without having to ask them.

How To Buy Gift Cards For Loved Ones Without Asking

It might be a bit embarrassing to ask your loved one for their favorite gift card brand especially when it’s close to a special occasion. It would make you seem nonchalant or ruin the surprise. 

The way to effectively guess this is by paying attention to their character. Simply listening and observing them alone can give you all the hints you need. No, I would not be able to tell you specifically the gift card you should buy for your brother or niece, you would have to figure it out. However, I can tell you the gift cards they would love, by their characters, which should Help.

1. Gamer: One thing gamers enjoy is a nicely funded Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, or Razer Gold Gift card. If you have ever heard your loved one talk about games, or seen them play, these gift cards would be a good option.

2. Fitness Enthusiast:  Either they’re newbies or profound fitness junkies, One common thing they would all enjoy, is the ability to get some new gear at Nike, or Footlocker for free, thanks to you. 

3. Fashion Lover: As a fashionista, you have to keep up with the trends. There is no such thing as too many clothes. This is why a gift card from Nordstrom would go a long way in making sure their wardrobes are up to date. 

Found a match yet? not to worry, I am not done!

4. Technologically Savvy

The world is quickly switching from the analog to the digital age. Some individuals are more excited about this than others. Gift cards from Amazon, Apple Store, and Google Play, allow these people to access more information on desired topics and grow in the field. 

5. Makeup/ Beauty

Sephora and Macy’s Still stand out as one the foremost and leading makeup/beauty brands across the world. Do you want to surprise a loved one that falls under this category? go with either of those two gift cards. 

Now you have a better chance of making the special occasion of your loved one count. 

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