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Top Selling iTunes Gift Cards in Nigeria 

iTunes is a digital media platform created and operated by Apple. The platform provides an avenue where digital products can be sold, purchased, and downloaded such as; music, games, movies, etc. Their gift card is yet another brilliant invention created by Apple.  

This digital asset is a convenient method for purchasing products on the platform. Being that the iTunes Store is entirely online, paying with cash is not possible. These Gift cards come in both physical and E- code forms. 

Aside from being the most effective payment method on iTunes, this digital asset also has great resale value. Talk about being multitalented. 

Almost every region across the continent has its specific type. Just like currencies, the resale value for each digital asset varies. However, it is still important to sell your iTunes gift card for cash on a reliable platform to get nice payouts regardless of the currency. 

What is The Best Gift Card Exchange Platform in Nigeria  

The only appropriate answer to this is Cardtonic. This is a modern-day gift card exchange platform that allows both amateurs and experienced traders the opportunity to exchange all their gift cards for cash at high rates and with fast payouts. 

It is a secure platform that gives users peace of mind that their digital assets are safe with them. 

The list of iTunes gift cards that can be resold on Cardtonic is endless. But to save your time, I would be letting you in on the top 5 gift cards in this category with the highest resale rates currently. 

iTunes Gift Cards With The Highest Resale Rates on Cardtonic 

The iTunes gift cards with the highest resale rates currently are the; Greece/Luxembourg/ Portugal iTunes Physical, Finland iTunes Physical and UK iTunes Physical gift card.

1. Greece/Luxembourg/ Portugal iTunes Physical: These gift cards currently have a joint highest selling rate on Cardtonic, going at 460/$1. Meaning if you have a $100 iTunes gift card from any of these three categories, you would be getting 46,000 Naira. 

4. Finland iTunes Physical: The Finland iTunes Physical gift card is the first runner-up on the platform, as it currently has a resale rate of 400/€1. 

5. UK iTunes Physical: This is one of the most resold gift cards in this category due to its region and popularity. This digital asset is currently going for a whopping 380/£1 on Cardtonic. 

Asides from the ones already mentioned. Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, etc. All Have rates above 350/€1 on the platform.  

Reselling this digital asset would always be a profitable choice, especially on the right platform because they generally have attractive rates as you can see above.

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