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We Have Included New Subcategories – All You Need To Know

There is a high chance you may have opened your Cardtonic application to trade and seen some strange names underneath certain sub-category options. If you have not noticed, today is your lucky day, you do not have to be confused or caught unaware, because I would be telling you all about the new entries. 

What are The New Sub Categories? 

These subcategories are not all under one brand, so for the sake of clarity, I would be categorizing them by their brands first, and then I would include the sub-category afterward.

1. Amex

The new addition to the American Express(AMEX) gift card brand on our platform is the ” USA AMEX (25-49) “. What this means is that any USA AMEX gift card with the amount of $25 – $49 should be traded on this category henceforth. 

2. Razer Gold 

We included 5 new Subcategories under the Razer Gold Gift card brand. Which are; UK Razer Gold, Singapore Razer Gold, Euro Razer Gold, Australia Razer Gold, and Canada Razer Gold. Previously, you could only trade the USA razer Gold Gift card, but when we realized our users wanted to sell other currencies of these gift cards we had to create that avenue for you. 

3. Amazon 

The new subcategories on Amazon include; CAD Amazon cash, German Amazon E-code, UK Amazon E-code, and USA E- code. 


Amazon Cash Receipts have the best rates compared to other receipts, so keep an eye out for the CAD Amazon Cash Receipt. 

4. Target 

There is now a “Target Visa Gift Card” subcategory under the Target brand on our platform. 

Why Were These Changes Made?

Easy! we are constantly looking for ways to make your trading experience smoother and more enjoyable. We also pay attention to your messages, almost all the new subcategories were requested by our users. These changes would make trading on our platform smoother. 

We hope you are as excited to sell your new gift cards on our platform because we are definitely glad to process your trades. 

If you have any further questions, you can always send us a message at any time of the day. 



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