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We Have Started A User Reward Program

You can’t make apple juice without apples, you can’t eat french fries without potatoes, without tires you can’t drive a car. Do you see where I am going with this? You are the foundation upon which we’re built. Without you, there is no us. We sat back and thought deeply, how can we reward someone this vital to us? what is the best way we can say thank you? and tell you we see you? and the idea came up. Allow me to introduce you to Cardtonic User Reward System. 

What is Cardtonic User Reward System?

The Cardtonic reward system is a newly introduced program, where our system automatically assigns reward points to you after every successful trade on our platform. The percentage of your reward point is dependent on your user level.

As exciting as it sounds, there is a possibility I might have lost you based on certain terms I was using. I am going to be explaining those terms before I proceed, so you can fully grasp the enjoyment you are in for. 

What are User Levels?

The user levels are determined by your total volume of transactions on our platform since you became a user. There are 5 levels, ( 1 – 5) Each level has its unique name and distinct reward points. 

To increase levels, you have to attain a certain amount of transactions on our platform. 

What are Reward Points Precisely?

You get a certain percentage of all your successful trades, every time you sell your gift cards on our platform. This percentage is dependent on your user level. Let me give you an example. On the boss level (5), you are entitled to 1% of all your successful trades on our platform. Meaning if you complete a trade of 100,000 Naira, you would be getting 1000 reward points. 

What is the Exchange Rate of Reward Points to Naira?

I know that this is another question that would be on your mind. Because reward points would have little or no use to you if you can’t enjoy them. Well according to the market;

1 Reward Point = 1 Naira 

You can withdraw a minimum of 1000 reward points from your Cardtonic account anytime you like, and there is no maximum. 

How Do I Proceed?

To begin, you would need to update your Cardtonic application. All existing users have automatically been assigned to their respective user levels, and you can start racking up your reward points from now. 

Remember, to move up in levels, all you need to do is hit the transaction amount limit for the next level. These points do not expire and can be in your account for as long as you like. 


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