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What Gift Card Are You? 

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One special thing about gift cards, and why they stand out amongst cash or other digital assets, is their uniqueness. Gift cards are payment methods specifically for a designated brand. 

Naturally, you would not buy a gift card for yourself at a brand you do not like or rarely use. Whether it is a present to your loved one, or you are getting one for yourself, one sure thing is that an extra effort has to go into purchasing it because you want to be sure it fits either the person’s likes and preferences, or yours. 

Types Of People and Their Gift Card Preferences

Instead of giving you the stress of having to do your research, and finding out a new gift card you might like, or that fits your personality, I have decided to make it easier for you. 

To keep it short, I narrowed it down to personality traits and gift cards that go in sync with them.

1. Amazon Gift Card: If people are afraid to follow you grocery shopping, then this is you. This might take a bit of self-reflection, but it’s time to admit it. You tell yourself you are going to buy 3 things at the supermarket and end up leaving with 15 items. An estimated trip of 20 minutes constantly turns to 2 hours. 

It’s not your fault, you can’t help yourself. You see new things you “need” to buy once you step into those doors.

2. Sephora Gift Cards: Are you into makeup, beauty, or skincare? then you identify as a Sephora gift card. If you are someone who gets up a bit earlier in the day to make up or sleeps later for skin care, you should be getting products from one of the best in the world which is Sephora

Halfway, there!

3. Steam Gift card: This is the perfect gift card for you if you are a game lover. If you are always intrigued when it comes to games, spend hours on them, and are never satisfied with your catalog, then you are a steam gift card

4. iTunes Giftcard: Entertainment is everything. We are all music lovers. However, it’s impossible to deny that some are more than others. There are people who do everything with music. Work, Gym, sleep, etc. If you are someone that can’t go too far without something playing in the background, then you are an iTunes gift card.

Alternatively, if you’re a money man/woman, someone who just loves to cash out. Then all these digital assets apply to you. Because you can sell any of them for cash on Cardtonic at the best gift card rates 24/7.


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