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What The Fast and Slow Categories on Apple Gift Cards Mean

Trading on Cardtonic must be pretty interesting. Opening your application to sweet updates every other day definitely has its perks. We’re constantly improving the look and functionality of the application to enhance your trading experience. You also have bragging rights that you sell all your gift cards on the best gift card exchange platform in the country. With every update, be sure to get at least one article from me explaining how you can navigate it.

Apple Store Fast and Slow Meaning

On the Apple store gift card category on our platform, there is a small bracket that indicates either (Slow) or (Fast). Fast means that your Apple store gift card would be processed quickly, but at a lower rate. While the (slow) implies that you would be given a higher rate for your Apple gift card, it would be processed slowly. 

Why Was This Created?

We realized that our users have different preferences. After the initial update on Apple gift cards on our platform, we decided to go a step further. And we then created more options for our users. You can now sell your gift cards quicker if that is what you prefer at a slightly lower rate and vice versa. 

What Are the Benefits of This New Upgrade?

1. It encourages preference: Cardtonic users have common interests. But it does not necessarily mean uniform processes have to be taken for all transactions. Different days bring about different requests. 

2. It Provides an Opportunity to earn more from your gift card: If you do not mind waiting a bit longer for your Apple gift card to be processed then this new update is ideal for you. In return, you get better rates for your gift card.  

3. Faster trades: We understand that sometimes our users might need cash almost immediately. Now, you do not necessarily have to wait to get the monetary value for your gift card, with this new upgrade in place. 

How Do I Navigate Between Fast and Slow?

Remember that this does not have anything to do with the gift card precisely. The subcategories were created based on customer preference. Meaning it does not affect the process of your purchasing or collection of this card. Currently, you can only use this option for your USA Apple Store physical gift cards with amounts of $300 and above. All you need to do is; select the Apple gift card under the category and your preferred method (slow or fast) in the subcategory. Which is either “USA Apple Store physical fast or USA Apple Store physical slow”. 

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