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What to do before trading on Cardtonic?

There is no better feeling than opening your Cardtonic application and hitting that “start trade” icon. There are a couple of standard practices you should take before trading, especially if you are new to the platform. 

Don’t worry, I would let you in on them. 

What should I do before I Trade on Cardtonic?

They are pretty simple. Once followed, it just ensures a faster trading experience. 

1. Get the details of your card ready: You can have either two types of gift cards. Either a physical or an e-code. With a physical gift card, ensure you gently scratch the back of your card to get the code. However, if it is an E-code, the code would be boldly written in the mail or whatever platform it was sent through. 

2. Check the Rate Calculator: When trading, immediately you input the category and amount of your gift card, you would see the rate and the exact value of your card in Nigeria. But if you would prefer to know this before commencing a trade, all you need to do is, go to the rate calculator page on our platform and find out. That way, you have 100% knowledge of your payout. 

3. Cross-check your Bank details: You need to be sure that the details of your local bank account are correct and ii the maximum deposit amount is higher than your withdrawal. For example, if your bank account has a daily limit of 1 million Naira, and your withdrawal is 1.5million Naira, the transaction would keep reversing until you use a bank that can accept such an amount. You shouldn’t worry about this if all your withdrawals are being completed.

4. Set a withdrawal pin: This step is for first-time users or users who haven’t traded on our new platform yet. To give your funds more security, we added this feature. To set your pin, go to settings, click on authentication, tap set pin, and input your 4 digit pin. This is a one-time thing, all you would need to do is input the pin when withdrawing.  

After doing all these, you can proceed to the fun part.


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