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What Your $200 Google Play Gift Card is Worth in Nigeria Today?

Now more than ever, gift card resale in Nigeria is very important. More people are buying this digital asset or accepting it for various reasons. Whether it is as a means of payment or a gift, it is inherent to know if you can get the Naira value for these assets and exactly how much it would be. The Google Play gift card is created and issued by Google Play, which serves the purpose of being an additional means of payment on the platform. When functioning properly, this digital asset can be used to purchase and install all paid products on Google Play in a matter of minutes. 

Knowing the worth of your gift card is helpful because it equips you with the right mindset before heading into a trade. For example, if you are looking to sell your fairly used 2016 Toyota Camry, and you already have an idea of the price range, you would most likely not get swindled or conned into selling your car for a much lesser price. This is exactly how it works for gift cards. If you already know your digital asset is worth 7-10 Naira after resale, it would be almost impossible for you to agree to sell on a platform offering just 3 Naira for the same card. 

For a better perspective on the worth of your Google Play gift card, there are 3 things you would need to understand. 

What are The Things I Should Look Out For?

Current State of the Market: Just like every other market, The gift card market is majorly controlled by demand. Owning a card with high demand increases the rate.

2 The Type of Card: The brand of your gift card also matters. Asides from the market, there are certain gift cards that you can practically say are always hot. Luckily for you, Google Play gift cards are in this category. 

Platform Resold: Where you choose to resell your digital assets carries a lot of weight. You need a platform that offers customer-inclined rates, during every season. 

Where is The Best Place To Sell My Google Play Gift Cards?

Most definitely Cardtonic. You get the best rates for not only Google Play, but other gift card brands as well. The United States ($200) Google Play E-code is currently worth 68,000 Naira, while the physical form is 78,000 Naira. The Australian and Canadian Google Play gift cards are also in ($), both currencies can be traded on our platform.



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