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How Much Is $200 Google Play Gift Card in Nigeria Today

Google Play gift card serves as a key, that can unlock the door which contains millions of paid applications on the Google play store. 

The Google play store as we all know is the official marketplace for all applications that run on the Android operating system. This gift card thereby serves as an alternative means of payment that can be used to purchase apps on the platform. 

As an owner of this gift card, you are definitely in luck. Even if you are unable to redeem this digital asset on the platform, you have the option of reselling it. Although it is possible to resell your Google play gift card for cash in Nigeria, you should also be wise about it. 

One important thing that determines the amount you would get for your gift card is the platform you resell.

Why Does The Platform Matter? 

Unlike most markets, there is no governing body that dictates a uniform price for which platforms should buy customers gift cards. With a lack of proper knowledge, you might be selling your google play gift cards for a lower rate. Another thing you need to worry about is security. Not every platform is what they say they are. A lot of these places pose to be what they are not. You are immune to these issues when you trade on the right platform.

Where Should I Resell My Google Play Gift Cards in Nigeria?

The smartest place to trade your Google play gift card in Nigeria is Cardtonic. This is a modern-day gift card exchange platform that understands the desires of gift card owners and offers customer-inclined rates at all times. On this platform, there is responsive and friendly customer service available at any time of the day, and the app is easy to navigate. This is good news because you do not need experience or prior knowledge in trading gift cards to use the Carrdtonic application. 

How Much is My $200 Google Play Gift Card Worth on Cardtonic? 

The current rate of the $200 Google play gift card is 370/$1. This means your $200 gift card is worth 74,000 Naira on Cardtonic currently. 

Asides from the amount, It is also important to know the form and currency of your google play gift card. The E-code form of this gift card has a rate of 320/$1. Meaning you would be getting a different amount in Naira when you sell this gift card instead on the platform. 


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