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Where To Buy and Sell Google Play Gift Cards 

Once the term “Google Play” is attached to something, you should already know it is worth a lot. Google Play gift cards were created by Google for their users, which would serve as an additional and easier means of payment for all the paid products on Google Play. 

If you know anything about the platform, you should have heard that the Play store single-handedly boasts of over a million applications and is the official and only authorized platform that apps can be bought and downloaded on Android phones. With such a high amount of digital assets, it is only right to create easier ways for these items to be purchased and downloaded.

This is exactly what the Google Play gift card does. Now that I have gotten you all excited, it would not be fair, if I did not inform you about how you can get your hands on this asset. 

Where Can I Buy Google Play Gift Cards?

To make your purchases on the app easier, and to also keep track of the amount you are spending on the platform, you would need a Google Play gift card. There are pretty easy to find, I would be giving you 3 options on how you can purchase this card for yourself.

1 Check out the Official Website: Ironically, Google Play does not sell its gift cards. However, there are a couple of endorsed brands they listed on their website where you can purchase their gift cards from. 

2 At Physical Stores: If you are more of an outdoor person, you can also purchase physical google play gift cards at certain departmental stores such as; Walmart, Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, etc. 

3 Third-Party Websites: Third-party websites buy big brand gift cards in bulk and sell them for a bit more profit on their websites in retail units. Although it might be sort of annoying to pay more, it also has certain advantages. If you are in a location whereby the first two options are not readily accessible to you, these websites can come in handy. 

Examples of websites like this include; Konga & Jumia. 

Another good thing about the Google play gift card it’s its flexibility. You are not in any lifetime commitment or contract with your unused digital asset. If for any reason you do not need it again, there is always an opportunity to resell your google play gift card for cash

Where Can I Sell My Google Play Gift Card?

Finding a place to resell your card is not that hard. However, you should be careful, and also know that there are tons of fake platforms around. If you are in America, I would suggest you use a platform like Paxful. However, if you live in Nigeria or Ghana, The best gift card exchange platform in those countries is Cardtonic.

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