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Why Do Amazon Gift Cards Have Different Rates?

Generally, Amazon gift cards are alternative methods of payment, that can be used to purchase all items on Amazon. However, here in Nigeria, we have a different use for these gift cards. On Cardtonic, Amazon gift cards are one of the best assets to sell for cash. They have very high rates. 

There is still some speculation and uncertainty as to why Amazon gift cards have different rates on our platform. Apart from the obvious reasons like amount and currency, there is another important factor that distinguishes them. Which is the purchase receipt. 

What is Purchase Receipt?

How your Amazon gift card was purchased goes a long way in determining its resale rate. Currently, there are three major types of Amazon receipts. Which are;

Credit Receipt: For you to be issued a credit receipt, it means the means of the purchase of your Amazon gift card was with a credit card. 

Debit Receipt: The same method applies here. You would be given a debit receipt with your Amazon Gift card if your means of payment for the asset was with a debit card.

Cash Receipt: When you walk into a store and pay for an Amazon gift card with cash, this is the type of receipt you are getting. The cash receipt is the best for resale purposes. They are given more priority, are more in demand, and as a result, attract better rates than the others. 

How to Sell Your Amazon Cash Receipt on Cardtonic 

If you have ever traded Amazon gift cards for cash on Cardtonic, you would have noticed the distinctions in the subcategory. Before getting into all that, for the sake of first-time uses, let me go a few steps back. 

The first step would be to open your Cardtonic application, sign in, then click on “Trade Gift Cards”. After selecting the Amazon gift card under the category, look carefully for the “Amazon gift card cash receipt option” under the sub-category. Input the amount of your gift card, upload the images and start trade. 

It is very important to use the exact receipt you have to avoid getting underpaid or getting your hopes up wrongly. For example, if you input cash receipt and on your receipt shows debit, the rate the app would show you would be higher than what your trade would come back as when it has been processed. 


It is also possible to resell your Amazon gift card on our platform even if you do not have any receipt at all. The no receipt option is available. 

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