Top 5 Websites to Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria 

One of the latest trends in Nigeria’s gift card industry is the inflow on new platforms. A major problem, however, is the lack of trustworthy sites to exchange gift cards.

If you are having trouble in your bid to sell gift cards for naira, here are some of the best and most trustworthy website to trade steam cards on.

These websites were selected through careful evaluation of numerous user experiences and customer reviews to ensure that you have the best options for trading your gift cards for Naira:

Best 5 Sites You Can Sell Gift Cards Online And Get Paid Naira

1. Cardtonic

This website is popular for offering the best gift card rates in Nigeria. In fact, Cardtonic has earned the reputation of being the most reliable out of all gift card platforms. Their rates are really great, they are easy to contact, and transactions are done quickly with funds credited to you without hassles.

SellCardBTC is available on Whatsapp for fast and reliable gift card transactions.


2. Cardnosh

Cardnosh offers Nigerians the opportunity to buy or sell all types of gift cards easily and exchange them for Naira and Bitcoin. They accept cards like Amazon, Walmart and Steam in different formats like physical cards or electronic codes. One of the key reasons why Cardnosh is popular for trading gift cards is their excellent service quality and speed of the transaction. Payment is typically sent within minutes of the gift cards being confirmed.


3. Paxful

The beauty of trading your gift cards on Paxful is that it offers peer to peer trading that is fast and convenient. One of the benefits of Paxful is the value you get for your gift card is high and you can trade your gift card to many different options. There are also a lot of traders to deal with. A note of warning when using Paxful is to always make use of an escrow to avoid getting scammed or having trade disputes. If you don’t feel comfortable using Paxful, there are many other alternatives to use to sell your gift cards.


There are many websites to trade gift cards in Nigeria and there are some of the best with security, good rates and fast transactions. For the best rates and flexible payment options, choose today for all your gift card buying and selling. To get started, click the link below.