Why Cardtonic Is Better Than Afrbtc.com

Are you on the lookout for the best site to sell iTunes cards? For every newbie, stepping on a trusted site is as difficult as saying Apple without the two “Ps”. And for any seasoned cards trader, those eyes only stop for every good deal. Right? Howbeit, in whatever category you fall, your search ends here. Cause in this article, we’re taking you through the two top card trading sites to trade your cards, namely; Cardtonic and AfrBTC. In addition, we will let you know why Cardtonic is better than AfrBTC.com for the best card converts. But first off, let’s get to know a little about Cardtonic and Afrbtc.

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About Cardtonic

Nominated as the best site to sell iTunes gift card for naira by vanguard on June 13 2018 , Cardtonic trades beyond iTunes cards alone. We are a trustworthy online platform that allows you trade Amazon cards, GooglePlay, Walmart, Target, and Steam wallet gift cards for naira. Furthermore, Cardtonic.com allows you to bypass the doorway middlemen and the migraine developed from dealing with untrustworthy brokers. Unlike many two-faced platforms with zero offline presence, Cardtonic can be reached in life at 121, Abuja suite complex, Funmilayo Kuti District, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria. Ever since our establishment in 2017, Cardtonic has continue to dominate the industry. We are a king in the chess game of card trading with over 500 positive reviews and success stories from real customers confirming this fact. The edges we have over others in the industry will be discussed in the latter part of this write-up.


About AfrBTC

AfrBTC is one of the biggest online platforms for card exchange and Bitcoin trade as well. They allow even the exchange of Bitcoin for cards. Just like Cardtonic, they trade in naira, USD, CA, AUD, NZD, CHF, and UK. In addition, they provide almost all the available transaction mediums to ease trading for customers. According to algorithm, AfrBTC has about 0.5% of its customer from India, and USA. Nevertheless, a significant number of their customers lies within Nigeria. AfrBTC is Africa-based as the name implies and have had more card exchange than other trading platforms like; Laxlorts cards, and Cardhavens. Unfortunately, some negative reviews against afrbtc on TrustPilot has lead to a drop in sales for AftrBTC through 2018. While most customers claimed getting cheated, few are those who after jumping on the bandwagon came out on TrustPilot to complain about their poor rate.

Before giving you a push through what you stand to benefit from doing gift card trading business with Cardtonic than with AfrBTC, below are the similarities between the two platforms.


Similarities between cardtonic and afrbtc

Card types: both Cardtonic and AfrBTC buy and sell amazon cards, iTunes cards, Steam wallet, GooglePlay, Walmart, and target cards.

Currency: it is possible to trade in USD, AUD, CA, CHF, NZD, UKD, and naira on the two platforms.

Now, you’d want to play your cards safe and smart, right? See below why Cardtonic is better than AfroBTC.


Why Cardtonic Is Better Than AfrBTC

Transaction Speed: Trading on Cardtonic is relatively faster than on AfrBTC. We’re known for our prompt response and every transaction takes a maximum of 10 minutes. We’ve paid much attention to speed because of the density of our customers. You should notice how fast it is to browse through our platform owing to the regularly optimized loading speed of our site.

Easier and secured Transaction: whether trading your card for bitcoin or exchanging a card for another, it is easier done on Cardtonic. Also, you’re covered on every trade activity carried out on our platform, saving you from all the hurdles along the way of getting your deal done by a middle man. Because our platform is easy to navigate than others, trading with us is made easy for newbies. Also, we give you two options of either texting your card or sending a picture of the scratched card.

Guaranteed payment: the biggest root of fear in any online transaction is the payment stage. Cardtonic is pledged to paying you immediately. Is can be confirmed from all the success stories from our customers.

Denominations on Cardtonic, different denomination of cards can be sold hassle-free. With as low as $20 to $2000, you can easily do away with that card and get paid immediately.

Flexible Payment Option: whether through a local bank or PayPal, Cardtonic makes every payment option available to customers.

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