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How To Buy Gift Cards in Nigeria

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Gift cards are instrumental in simplifying and creating convenience while shopping at brands. With this digital asset, you can walk into any location of the brand or click on the website and get your payment processed within the blink of an eye. However, there is still uncertainty on how to get this digital asset in Nigeria.

Most people think gift cards can only be purchased abroad, especially from popular brands like Steam, iTunes, Amazon, etc. Although this is partially true, there are different means of getting this digital asset in Nigeria. 

How To Buy Gift Cards in Nigeria 

Not only can you buy these digital assets in the country, but it is also easy to do. After reading this, you wouldn’t need to ask where to buy gift cards in Nigeria or how to buy them again. 

Places You Can Purchase Gift Cards in Nigeria 

  1. Physical Store: The first option that should come to your mind is to check if the gift card brand has a physical store in Nigeria. Here, you can easily purchase digital assets.
  2. 3rd party websites: These websites buy gift cards in bulk and sell in retail units for a profit. In case the brand you’re looking for doesn’t have a physical store in Nigeria, this is a viable option. For example; Konga & Jumia.
  3. Verified Applications: Certain trusted platforms/ applications also sell this digital asset. So you can buy gift cards in Nigeria from them. The difference between 3rd party websites and verified applications like Cardtonic is; you can buy gift cards in bulk from Cardtonic at a discounted price. This would be a more profitable option for you if you plan on using gift cards to offset your purchase amount at a brand, or if you are a reseller. 

Things To Do With Gift Cards in Nigeria 

After purchasing this digital asset, you cannot simply leave it hanging around. You should have a plan. The possible things you can do with your gift card include; 

  1. Redeeming at the brand: Gift cards are the best method of payment at the brand. It brings a certain type of ease and convenience you cannot get with any other payment method.
  2. Gift a loved one: As the name implies, this digital asset is perfect to give to a loved one on a special occasion. All you need to do is figure out what they like and make the amount fairly reasonable. They would not forget the gesture for a while.
  3. Resell it for Cash: You can sell your gift cards for naira using Cardtonic within minutes. If you bought a gift card you don’t need again, you were gifted one you don’t necessarily like, or Whenever you simply need money, Cardtonic is your guy.

There are tons of apps to buy gift cards in Nigeria. However, it is advisable to use a trusted application like Cardtonic.

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