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How To Buy Airtime Online In Nigeria In 2024

Remember those good old days when we had to go out and buy physical recharge cards just to top up our airtime? The struggle of scratching off that thin aluminium strip to reveal the recharge pins was real. Sometimes, you’d end up with a mangled mess of silver scratchings all over your fingers.

And heaven forbid if the numbers got scratched off, too – you’d have to call customer care and recite the card details over the phone, which could be frustrating! 

But friends, we’ve come a long way from those recharge card days. Now, you can conveniently buy airtime online directly from your mobile device or computer without stepping foot outside.

The only issue is, with so many platforms out there claiming to sell airtime online, it’s hard to separate the legit ones from the scammers. Fortunately, I’ve found a trusted platform that offers up to 5% cashback on airtime purchases. Intrigued to find out more? Then keep reading…

Where To Buy Airtime Online In Nigeria

When it comes to buying affordable airtime online in Nigeria, customers can find great value on Cardtonic. The platform offers up to 5% cashback on every airtime purchase across all major networks!

Think about that for a second. It’s free bonus airtime just for topping up through Cardtonic instead of other sites. And that cashback adds up pretty nicely over time.

But it gets better. Cardtonic makes it super easy for customers to cash in on these cashback offers with a user-friendly website and mobile app. Just a few taps, and the airtime purchase is done! Plus, Cardtonic regularly runs promotional deals to help stretch those airtime Naira even further.


Other options like internet banking, USSD codes, and telco VTU exist for buying airtime. But let’s be real – none combine a smooth purchasing experience with up to 5% cashback like Cardtonic.

How To Buy Airtime On Cardtonic

Buying airtime on Cardtonic is easy. Simply visit the website or mobile app, navigate to the bill payment section, click on airtime, enter your number, select your desired network and amount, and then complete payment.

1. Open the Cardtonic app on your device.

2. Click on “Bill Payment” on the dashboard.

3. Click on “Airtime”.

4. Select your network provider.

5. Enter the phone number you want to load airtime to.

6. Input the desired amount of airtime to purchase.

7. Click on “Purchase”.

8. Review all details entered and confirm they are accurate on the summary page.

9. Click on “Purchase”.

10. Confirm the purchase by entering your four-digit PIN.

And that’s it! Within seconds, you’ll have your new airtime credit reflected on your mobile line. If you need more clarification on the steps above, you can watch the video below:

Why You Should Buy Airtime On Cardtonic

The top reasons to buy airtime on Cardtonic include regular promotions, up to 5% cashback on every purchase, and instantaneous airtime top-up after completing payment.

1. Regular Promotions:

On Cardtonic, customers can take advantage of enticing promotions and discounts on airtime purchases frequently. Cardtonic is constantly rolling out new deals to help maximize savings on airtime top-ups.

2. Cashback:

This is likely the biggest value-add; Cardtonic provides up to 5% cashback when customers buy airtime through the platform! It’s free bonus airtime credited back to the customer’s account on every top-up.

3. Fast Transaction Speed:

As soon as an airtime purchase is completed on Cardtonic, the customer’s new airtime credit is updated virtually instantly. No more waiting around while the transaction processes. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Airtime Online

1. Can You Buy Airtime Online In Nigeria?

Yes, it’s very possible to buy airtime online in Nigeria these days. Platforms like Cardtonic make it easy to purchase airtime from your mobile device or computer without visiting a physical retailer.

2. Which Code Can I Use To Transfer Airtime?

To easily transfer airtime credits from your phone to another number on the same network, simply use these codes:

  • MTN: Dial *321*Recipient’s Number*Amount*PIN#.
  • Glo: Dial *131*Recipient’s Number*Amount*PIN#.
  • Airtel: Dial *321# and select “airtel to airtel.” Enter the recipient’s number, the amount, and complete the process by entering your transfer pin.
  • 9mobile: Dial *223*PIN*Amount*Recipient’s Number#.

3. Can I Buy Airtime Online Without OTP?

Yes, on platforms like Cardtonic, you do not need to generate OTP codes or go through any tedious authentication processes to buy airtime online.

4. What Is The Best Site To Buy Airtime In Nigeria?

Cardtonic is widely considered the best site to purchase airtime from in Nigeria. With great cashback offers, promotional deals, and a hassle-free purchasing experience – Cardtonic provides outstanding value.

5. Can I Buy Data On Cardtonic?

Yes, you can absolutely buy data plans and top-up internet data on Cardtonic for all major Nigerian networks like MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9mobile.


There you have it – all the key info on how to buy airtime online in Nigeria using Cardtonic. With the platform’s unbeatable cashback rewards of up to 5%, rotating promotional deals, and lightning-fast transaction speeds, purchasing airtime from Cardtonic provides outstanding value.

Why settle for less from other sites or deal with OTP hassles? Customers can maximize their airtime Naira right now by taking advantage of Cardtonic’s convenience.

Visit the Cardtonic website or mobile app and complete your next top-up purchase to start earning that sweet cashback instantly!


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