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How To Pay Your Bills Online In Nigeria Quickly And Easily 

Paying bills. It’s one of those necessary tasks in life that no one particularly enjoys, yet also so important to stay on top of. Whether it’s electricity, internet services, or even just splitting dinner costs with your friends, bills have to get paid.

However, gone are the days of having to physically go to queues or post offices to settle your balances. Now, with technology and online platforms, it’s possible to pay all your bills directly on your phone or laptop within minutes with just a few taps on an app. Cardtonic is one such platform.

Cardtonic allows you to pay all your monthly expenses online in Nigeria quickly and easily, from electricity bills to cable subscriptions and everything in between. So, if convenience and speed with bill payments are what you need, read on for everything there is to know about using Cardtonic to pay your bills online.

How To Pay Your Bills Online In Nigeria

Paying bills online in Nigeria has never been simpler, thanks to innovative fintech platforms. Instead of going to offices and queueing up physically, you can now take care of all your bills and payments digitally in just minutes.

The easiest way is by using an all-in-one payment app like Cardtonic. With Cardtonic, you can pay your electricity, cable TV, internet, or any other bills you need to settle. All it takes is downloading the user-friendly app, adding your necessary billing details, and making secure payments online.

Here is how you can use the Cardtonic app to pay bills online:

Step 1: Download the Cardtonic app and create an account:

First, go to your device’s app store and download the Cardtonic app. Then, sign up by entering your basic personal and contact details.

Step 2: Fund your Cardtonic wallet:

Before paying any bills, you need to fund your Cardtonic e-wallet. You can easily do this via bank transfer.

Step 3: Click “Bill Payment”:

On the Cardtonic dashboard, select the “bill payment” button. 

Step 4: Select the bill Category, e.g. Internet:

Here is where you pick the type of bill you want to pay. Some options are electricity, cable TV, internet, data, etc.

Step 5: Choose the biller:

Next, select the biller under the bill category you picked, e.g. IPNX

Step 6: Enter Billing Details:

Type in the user ID the company uses to identify your account and the amount to be paid. Select the plan you want to pay for and click on purchase.

Step 7: Confirm and make payment:

Review all details entered and confirm they are accurate on the summary page. Finally, click on purchase and authenticate with your PIN to complete the payment. And within minutes, your essential bills are paid online instantly! 

The steps outlined above demonstrate how you can pay your bills using Cardtonic. If you need further clarification on the process, you can check out the video below:

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Pay Bills Online In Nigeria

1. How Can I Pay Electricity Bills Online In Nigeria?

Paying electricity bills in Nigeria is very easy with Cardtonic. Simply choose your distribution company from a dropdown menu that includes Ikeja Electric, Eko Electric, Jos Electricity Distribution Plc, and more. Indicate whether it is a prepaid or postpaid tariff plan, enter the desired amount you wish to pay, and the funds will be deducted from your Cardtonic wallet.

2. What Types of Bills Can I Pay on Cardtonic?

You can pay various bills on Cardtonic, including, but not limited to, airtime, data, electricity, internet, TV, cable, betting funding and more.

3. Which App Can I Use to Pay Bills Online In Nigeria?

Cardtonic stands out as one of Nigeria’s most trusted platforms for convenient online bill payments, offering a user-friendly app and website. With a reliable interface, extensive biller coverage, and exceptional customer service, Cardtonic ensures a seamless experience for settling both one-time and recurring bills.

4. How Can I Pay Bills on My Phone?

To pay bills conveniently from your phone, simply download the Cardtonic mobile app from either the App Store or Google Play Store. With the app, you can manage essential payments, track transaction histories, and receive instant receipts, providing you with flexibility and convenience anytime, anywhere.

5. How Can I Make Utility Bill Payment In Nigeria?

Paying utility bills like electricity, water, and cable TV subscriptions has become very convenient in Nigeria thanks to the rise of innovative fintech platforms and payment apps. One of the best ways to make quick and easy utility bill payments is through Cardtonic.


Paying bills in Nigeria is now swift and easy thanks to game-changing platforms like Cardtonic. With Cardtonic, you can settle your monthly expenses quickly with just a few taps. Whether it’s DSTV, electricity, airtime data, or any other payment, Cardtonic has revolutionised bill management using technology. 

So escape outdated payment channels and endless queues. Join the digital payments ecosystem revolutionising finance across Nigeria today. Convenience is your right – and Cardtonic makes sure you get it. Download the easy-to-use app now and finally take control of all your bills and expenses.


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