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Best Gift Cards For Wedding Gifts

Weddings are special, and I always prefer attending in person. So, when I got the news that this couple whom I admired had agreed to tie the knot, I was excited. My happiness did not last, as I was denied a two-day leave to travel. I had promised to fly down to their home town […]

Spotify vs. Apple Music: Which is better for you

What is man’s greatest companion? One could say a dog, but no, it’s music. From your happiest moments to your sad, calm, and even very lonely nights, the music spans different genres to suit your mood. This leaves you in a silent battle: Which music streaming platform is the best for you, Spotify or Apple […]

Top 9 Valentine Gift Cards You Can Buy In 2023

It was midday, Feb 14th of that year, and I hurriedly called every retailer I knew, looking for what gift card to get for my girlfriend. She had reminded me two days earlier, but I completely forgot. I wasn’t sure what she wanted, so I knew I had to get her a gift card.  But […]

7 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Consider Buying Sephora Gift Card

We all know how gift cards have become so popular in recent years. But the popularity of gift cards is not what I want to gist you about right now. I’m here to tell you something else. In this article, you’ll see seven reasons to buy a Sephora gift card as a woman. Let me […]

Top 7 Best Grocery Store Gift Cards in [year]

If you’ve ever shopped for gift cards, you will agree how tricky it can be to choose a particular gift card from various options. “Which one should I get?’’ “Does it have restriction?” “Where can I redeem it?” These are some of the questions that usually come to mind. It happens to the best of […]

Best 9 Types of Gift Cards in Romania

Look, there’s no cutting through the corners. The way we gift our loved ones has changed over the years. I mean, almost everything has gone digital, so why not gifting? That’s why we now have gift cards. This article explores the types of gift cards in Romania. In recent years, we have seen a sharp […]

Top 9 Best Types of Gift Cards in Colombia

Moving to a new country can make even the simplest things confusing, like figuring out which gift cards are popular locally. My friend’s sister, who recently relocated to Colombia, found herself wondering – which brands and gift cards do people use most there? Are the same global names she was used to also big in […]

Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video: Which Is Better

Sometimes, you just want to watch your favourite movies, TV shows or series. But you have difficulty deciding whether to stream on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. But no worries, I’m here to help you compare Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. In this guide, I will give you a brief overview of both streaming platforms, […]

PlayStation Gift Cards 101: All you need to know

Who else remembers unwrapping those iconic grey PS1 consoles on Christmas morning? I definitely do! It seems like yesterday. Now we’re on to the incredible PS5, and the PlayStation Network keeps getting bigger. While the consoles have evolved, one thing remains the same – we love our PlayStations! And with more games and content than […]

The use of gift cards in Africa is growing rapidly, which is expected since this is a continent that is already embracing the concept of mobile money. That said, alternative payment methods like gift cards surely offer greater advantages for this generation of Africans. Cardtonic is a B2C and B2B product that bridges the gap between individuals that need cash in exchange for an unused gift card and businesses that need discounted gift cards as payment alternatives.

Founded in 2019, Cardtonic continues to serve as the man-in-the-middle while offering gift card brokerage services with a bright vision that vows to reduce the wastage of gift cards year in and year out. Simply put, Cardtonic is a gift card trading app that allows users to sell gift cards in Nigeria and sell gift cards in Ghana, and also buy gift cards at the best gift card rates and prices.

The B2C product is currently available on Android, IOS and Web for the average user. And the B2B offering is currently limited to selected partners, based on strict terms and subsequent to an adequate compliance exercise.

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